Hilarious chats?


XD it so funny when people get so fed up because some one keeps killing them! Like this one time after a mach a few people and they said some thing to me like “you were ####### hacking too” and i was like dude you need to stop spawning on team mates i’m about to shoot.


how do you blur stuff?
(or like fog)


Step 1: highlight the word/ or words you want to blur.
Step 2: go to option
Step 3: choose "blur spoiler"
Step 4: Profit ???


Me:(talking to one of my friend) Where do you want to snipe?
Friend: By the edge of the map
Me: Ok

Five Minutes Later

Friend: Look to your right threre’s a lot of enemy coming at use with M60
Me: Doesn’t turn
Friend: TURN TF AROUND MAN TURN TF AROUND ARE YOU BLIND MATE THERE’S 7 ENEMY WITH M60. Friend shoots at the enemies and dies
Me: What why are you calling me? HOLY F*ING ST




This is why you listen to your friends… :joy:

Life tips…


Good life tip


they patched it now it was like that in the beta now us these keys____________________________


got into a match this morning, got 83-0, this kid " Andrew" start babbling about me hacking with aimbot.PS: this is my alt, so no nub ok. PS; I was just messing with him about the lv 121 account, my true old account is lv 51 I think,


Lol i like doing that it’s so funny when all of those people get triggered when some one at rank 20 keeps killing them.


Yep, well, I would gladly tea bag Andrew if I ever meet him again.


erm… who?


The nub in my post you butthead ( no offense)


Ah, i figured it was someone that was annoying. Alright thanks.


I ran into a few kids “expressing their opinions” about sniping in metro. gotta love the pf community sometimes.


True, the PF community can both be a cancerpus and a heavenly place


I must agree. You never know who you’ll run into. :slight_smile:


Runs into PF YouTuber: Heaven
Runs into half the server filled with 12’vie attitudes: Hell.


That 90% true all the time, but sometimes, newbies can be real nice and easy to talk to, once, I joined in a server which was filled with rank1-18, and after seeing my skills, they asked me to give them some advices on how to play PF better, and they appreciated it, not like some idiots.


lol, there is no such thing as spraying with a sniper XD.