Hilarious chats?


the new one can pick up stuff when its hidden in a word the old one cant


the more you know


I know this cause I looked into it after everything I said was getting censored ( I’m shit at spelling )


MMOs are more money guzzling than Roobloox.


You can also say: hell, autist, autistic…


And fouk, and diek, and cumm, and much more stuff that @Hellside havent revealed to me.


u apparently can say girlygirlytitty in PF


Gud stuff m8.


original link


Nice going Reddit, you’re rated M 17+

For users interact

Seems legit



Eyyyyy they like star wars too


“I got the high ground”










I was using AG-3 against a rank 200+ comp team guy
Guy:OMG you aimbotter
me:I’m not even hacking fam
kills again
Hope you enjoy losing your account
me:Damn i thought only trash players would accuse of hacks…Oh wait you are


That is beautiful, #AG3 Master Race


I was on my alt account in a server where some random guy tried to kick me outta the server because quote on quote “I don’t like you” and also “you keep killing me”. But of course I didn’t get kicked because even when there’s hackers it’s impossible to vote them outta the server because the required number of voters to kick somebody out is TOO DAMN HIGH!
Screenshot (1425)
People were trying to vote out each other so much. I ended up no scoping two peeps and I expected I’d be voted next.
Screenshot (1437)
I’m speaking in this Wookie’s native language!