Hilarious chats?


Nonono, it’s his server connection


one time a noob told me "if you attack me ill ban you"
i said “bruh how did u even learn english you neanderthal”


i c3n l4arn eenglieesh vory weel


I’ve done that before. SO FUNNY XD


I’ve gotten a guy to call me a hacker by going M60 to remington 700 while still playing good a while ago. Then he said all of paradox were hackers. Yeah that guy was weird af.


He said I was hacking when I turned on him


Screenshot (1076)
I was getting shot by a lot of tryhards, spawn killers and campers on Suburbia (which is now my number one most hated map. I hate it. That map can just go suck a big fat penis) and some guy was calling PF a trash game, and saying LoL is better.


I still dont get why ppl play LOL, and in gerneral, just MMOs.


Well let me say this. It depends on the people. And I’m just speaking for roblox right now.
50% of players are just little kids looking for a good time. 20% of players are youtubers who play roblox to entertain people (I’m one of those). 5% of players are old men stalkers who are just looking for either toddler penis or toddler vagina, one or the other, it’s disturbing. 15% are trolls who just like to ruin everybody’s experience. And 10% are hackers who mainly use their added scripting because they suck so bad at a game that they’re willing to hack just to get levels/ranks. (for example, those knife hackers from late 2016 to early and mid 2017).
Everybody has a reason to play MMO, and depending on the people and the game, it’s a different case.


Well, yeah, but to me, I see no fun.


yet you’re playing phantom forces. Which is a part of this glorious yet faulty MMO


Rip meh


i mean
LoL is fun when u know how to aim and break your keyboard
i play lol and holy hell im shit at it


Amazing NSFW chat


how the fuck did “dick” and “dildo” get into fucking roblox chat? I thought the filter was strict as shit. You can’t even say fucking numbers unless you put the word “music” in front of them


Its probably that it was taken before the filter was implemented or he has hax oooor It dosent filter 13+ account stuff ? ( my account says I was born on jan 1st 2016 for some reason so I’m stuck as a 1 year old playing pf, anyone know how to change this? )


Wait 12 years…


I’m not saying my real age but I’m older that 13 and a 1 year old cant play pf


Phantom Forces definitely wasn’t released before the fucking chat filter was implemented


no the advanced one