Hilarious chats?


Insert your most hilarious chat moments, it can either be about noobs whining, hack-acusing, or ppl telling jokes.

What NOOBs say on pf
Some More Funny Things I've Seen in PF
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The worst ingame chats
Just some salty players
Just some salty players

XD alright, if i play pf today then ill look!


K, looking forward to it.My most hilarious chat moment is when I used a stolen mosin to kill a numerous of ppl until it ran out of ammo. (disclamer: I didnt spam the gun, I actually only missed about 5 shot in total of 21 left over ammo). This is what the chat looked like

FriendlyFNAF Player( real username): THAT guy was hacking, he got infinite ammo cuz he killed me alot of times without running out of ammo.
The Robloxian: holy **** that piece of **** low life hacker!
Snip4Life_101 ( my username): kids babbling when they arent mature enough to face the cold hard truth: they suck **** at the game!


one pressed space till the chat bar was in the middle of screen turned to allcaps and wrote youre banned when people said im banned i told them exiting the game quick and not playing for week gets u un banned half the noobs left :wink:


Shit, I will definitely try that out, and also changing your name to PHANTOM FORCE SYSTEM will maximize the effectiveness.


once a guy said he was gonna get me banned off roblox for hacking


Playing in Mall Construction with my Cousin who was using an AS VAL

if0rg07hisUSER (not real username): THERE IS A HACKER
Me: lol
Me: AS VAL is OP
Me: Tux is 2good4u





“I gto all berrels at a gun shoot”


This was a while ago…

Some random player: 1v1 me bitch, I will fuck the &?#! out of you!

(Looks at player’s stats. Shaking my head)

Newbie15837: Nah, I don’t do 1v1’s m8; I do 1v5’s and more.

Random player: You’re bluffing, N00b.

(Player looks at my stats. Realises he just triggered a level 103 with 74 kills and 4 deaths)

A short while later…

(Newbie15837’s team destroyed entire enemy team, racking up multi-multikills and a total score of 17000. Random player has <1 KDR and around 3000 score)

Newbie15837: Goddamn 12’vies and their arrogant attitudes.

(Exits server straight after)


You hear that? That’s the sound of triggers…

Music to my ears…


>join game as rank 2
>have BFG

literally all the time


One day I was playing PF
I found a hacker
(I forgot the nick)
The hacker went into the crane with a AKM
The AKM is hacked so it has Aimbot and wall ignoring
The hacker kills everybody even we take cover (like right after spawn)
he was told in reddit and probably banned



yes really not very interesting i know


So heres what I have translated from the text:
Sirenburst: lol
queakykiller: fuck you sirenburst
someone: Lmao
someotherrandomone: I love da shotty
queakykiller: fuck off back to mexico

That guy was some racist bitch

Edit: plus, he might be Donald Trump for all I know.


It’s an album, more than one picture, just fyi.


Oh, thx alot navy, you really did a good job assisting members.


Literally the funniest shit ive seen in this topic so far, that bitch raged due to your skill, so tell me, how many kills on that guy did you have that match?