Hi, I noticed no one ever posts to the Wiki and I'd like to apply for access


So like I said, the only person I noticed that’s posted to the Wiki is the system user and that’s kinda boring, I want to revive the wiki!
Please Contact me via PM (forum PM).
I am a novice at knowledge in PF Lore and weapons and their attribute and have been arround since the Demo of PF.


as a member don’t you get to apply to it??


Is it “a forum” or something?


Do you think we should just use the forum? or should I setup an actual wiki software?


I suggest using the built in wiki unless you want to setup a Mediawiki subdomain. :slight_smile:


i think but you might want to just look, don’t blame me if i’m wrong


Lol we need someone to organize the reddit, it’s a mess