Hey everyone!

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As you may know, I posted a thread stating that I was gonna quit pf, as well as the forums. I kept seeing all the threads being posted in my mailbox and seeing new players show up on the forum. I was kind of bored for a while so i decided to come back to pf :slight_smile:


Welcome back!

I told you I’m not letting you leave.


:slight_smile: thx bro


Nice karambit.


No matter how hard you try, the pull of PF can never be evaded.




you will never escape. Every time you try to leave you will be dragged back and forced to watch this world slowly turn to ash and bfg shaped rubble. NO ONE WILL BE FREE


Looks like the Debunker hasn’t debunked the correct solution to a right “welcome back” lolololol

Don’t ask dammit