Here Is Some Equipment Ideas For PHANTOM FORCES

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Equipment Ideas

All Class


Any equipped one-hand blade will become a bayonet stuck to the end of any primary weapon. If the melee weapon is any different, the bayonet will default to the knife. Removes backstab damage and reduces melee speed to 1 stab/second, but the headshot multiplier for the melee is doubled and melee range is increased.


XL-18 Flamethrower

Damage: 19-0 (plus 1 damage per 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds on first hit.)

Range: 80-110

Velocity: 900 stud/s

Capacity: 120

Fire Rate: 1200 RPM

Movement: 13 stud/s

ADS speed: 15 (not really ADS but hip-aim)

CQB incendiary weapon. Extremely effective at clearing rooms.

Medic Bag

Carry: 2

Ability: healing is multiplied by 10 when standing 10 studs away from the medic bag; does not regen health until a second later when you are hit by enemy fire.

Duration: 5 heals



Carry: 1

Ability: Spot enemies from above.

Duration: 45 seconds

Bonus: Hitting enemies can kill them directly in one hit, though the drone is destroyed and cannot be retrieved.

Remote Camera

Carry: 2

Ability: Auto-spots enemies until destroyed.

Duration: infinite, unless destroyed.


Ammo Vest

Ability: Increase reserve ammo for both primary and secondary by 1 magazine (or 5 extra rounds for SFG, Serbu, and Sawed Off).

Ammo Bag

Carry: 2

Ability: Gain extra ammo for all weaponry (except grenades), but cannot be used for your own gain.

Duration: 5 resupplies.


M74 Landmine

Carry: 1

Ability: can be laid on the ground; explodes when there is a nearby enemy. Can kill yourself if you are not careful. Can kill teammates and yourself if shot by an enemy.

Duration: Infinite, until destroyed or detonated.


Carry: 1

Ability: 10x zoom that auto-spots enemies.

All ideas for equipment.




where the fric is the parachute
srysly I’m tired of jumping from towers with out parachutes


battlefield flashbacks


Can’t wait for a karambit on my assault rifle…


Can’t wait for a friggin Chosen one on my Assault rifle


Chosen One is a two-handed blade. I specifically mentioned only one-handed blades.


Listen kid




so is there still gonna be knives for tertiary or is it just gonna be poking someone to death


holy shit this would add a lot of lag


Poking a poke.


or poking the youtuber poke the irony