Here Is Some Equipment Ideas For PHANTOM FORCES

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Phantom Forces Has Been Hinting At Equipment For A Long Time Now, Its Time To Make This An Reality

1: ECM Jammer: Makes Any Enemy In A 15-93.343 Stud Radius (Random) Unable To See The Following: Chats From Teammates (Unless That Teammate Both Was Not In ECM Jammer Range And Teammate Is Near Victim),
Also They Will Be Unable To Spot Or See Spotted Enemy’s Unless You Spotted Them, Also Your Teammates Cant See them either, Also They Cant See The Kill Feed And Cant See The Radar, The effects can last anywhere from 17-65 seconds.
Balance: Person Who Equipped It Loses 15% Movement Speed Regardless if using, and while activating it they are unable to attack (Except for a melee attack where you slam it into someones face), And -30% Movement Speed While Activating (Including The Equipment Penalty)

  1. Thermal Vision: Allows the player to see in the dark and allows an manually activated ability that last for 30 seconds where you will auto-spot enemy, they will remain spotted on your screen forever but the normal time on your teammates, And Enemy’s will glow very slightly when zoomed, when ability is activated they will entirely glow, note that the glowing effect only appears on you screen.
    Balance: ECM Jammer Can Effect You From 15% Further And Effects Can Be Anywhere From 12% To 24% Worse And Temporarily Remove The Thermal Vision Effects, Also Your camera will turn slower due to the weight on your head-(Unrelated To ECM Jammer Effects)

  2. High Mobility Armor: Replaces The Default clothing, 25% Movement Speed When Sprinting, Manually activated ability where that becomes 50% For 30 seconds (Timer Pauses when not running) Also You Have A Rare Chance Whenever You Jump Of getting a boost
    Balance: Bullets Will Penetrate You More And Do More Damage To You, Hollow Points Do EVEN MORE damage to you due to low armor.

  3. Rangefinder: Makes It So That Spotting Also Shows Distance, Location, Speed. These Only Appear on your and other people who have this equipment’s screen.
    Balance: None, It Would Be Not Worth It If There Was Cons, I Mean I Guess The Fact That It Takes A Equipment Slot But That’s Not Unique, That Way Its Worth Using

  4. Mini Sonar: If A Bullet Misses You It Still Tells You Where It Came From, Also Whenever Someone Hits You The Sonar Traces Back And Auto-Spots the Person who hit you, but this only applies to you and whoever has the Radio
    Balance: When ECM Jammed It wont Work and even if your hit there’s a 5% chance it wont show where it came from

  5. Radio: Gain Exclusive Perks From Other Peoples Equipment, Also When Your Team Mates Will See A Blue Diamond Similar To A Spotting Effect Above Your Head
    Balance: 50% Chance Of ECM Jammer Effects Lasting Two Times As Long

  6. Walkie Talkie: Pretty Much An Radio But With An Cool down That If Effects Happen During Cool down 50% Chance The Effects Are Canceled, But If ECM Jammed 50% Chance Nothing will happen to you, also can talk to other players on your team if ECM jammed but the can not respond unless they also have Walkie talkie and had the buff.
    Balance: The Mentioned Cooldown

  7. “Leader’s Orders”: Grants An EXP Bonus Upon Killing An Enemy If They Have The Highest Score On Their Team Or An 25% Chance Of It Happening If They Have Higher Score Then You But Not Highest On Team, Also Has 30 Second Cooldown Per Person, But Will Not Apply If Someone Else Gets Higher Score.
    Balance: The Mentioned Cooldown

  8. FBI Open Up.Exe: Whenever You walk through door if there is enemy’s in room it will auto spot them and play an sound effect, and if you kill them within 25 seconds while they are in the room you will get an bonus similar to that if “Leader’s Orders”
    Downside: Gives Away Position Automatically

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Devs already said no
So no it won’t be a reality
Sorry to break it to you
But the equipment tab was added but the devs didn’t do it and they won’t do it


Oh Well This Is If They Decide To Add Them I Guess If They Change Their Mind




You Know, Can You Not Write Your Stuff Like This, It Doesn’t Make It Better By Any Stretch Of The Imagination.


I have a better suggestion.
Advanced Transmitter
Team deathmatch:
Enemies within a 20 stud radius appear on the minimap but are not spotted.
When you are capturing a point and/ or being attacked, a message in chat appears as follows:
[Transmitter]: A friendly is capturing point A.
[Transmitter]: An enemy is contesting point A.
Everyone on your team can see the message.
My idea for this suggestion is to give it benefits for a few game modes.
Special funtion for each game mode:
The Advanced Transmitter tracks the tracer from AP ammo from high - powered semi auto rifles. Enemies who were hit by your AP bullet will be spotted the closest friendly to the enemy. If the enemy is killed by the nearby teammate, you will earn a small bonus:
[Transmit-assist] + [50XP]

On to the con: The Advanced Transmitter can be countered while you are spotted, and it can be destroyed if you are shot in the back for 80 HP. You have the equipment back upon respawning.




Better equipment: Hats


Yes I admit I took the inspiration from noritrey


Wait wrong post


Yes I admit I took the inspiration from noritrey
Is this the right post this time


it was right both times


Nah the transmitter should show a bar on each of the points showing how captured it is.


Gonna modify the hecc out of these. Give me a second.

  1. ECM Jammer
    Deployable jammer on the field. Has 30 HP. When deployed jams all enemies in a 60 stud radius. When jammed, players will have their map, spotting, chat, ammo counter, and visibility of a point’s status (aside from the color of the ground on the point itself) disabled. Jammers when placed will emit a buzzing sound, which can give away its location. Players can place one per life, and can only have one active at a time. Attempting to plant a second will result in the first being destroyed.

  2. Thermal Optics
    No. Never.

  3. Lightweight Armor
    Players using this get a passive 1 stud/s movement speed buff. This applies at all times. Players recieve a 10% damage vulnerability from all sources of damage. Hollowpoints used against these players have no damage debuff to the chest, as well as having a 2x damage multiplier to the head.

There ye go lads.


grabs baseball bat

its time.





Make the trench mace do the same shit as the boston basher please.


I…I don’t even know where to start with you. I mean, do you even know who you’re talkin’ to?


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