Help us weebs at school

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I need help. Your boi here tryna go to some sites like pimp my gun and youtube, but they are blocked(Chromium m). I tried to look up Url unblocker, but anything with the words unblocker is blocked(I think). So I can’t find one. can yall help us weebs in similar predicaments? Please!(Btw I dont have interweeb at home yeet)(Also Grammaly is giving me a lot of crap rn)


Pimp my gun is a site about making GUNS

Youtube is bad overall in schools

Deal with it


download VPN


They might be blocked but I’ll try


I’m at school too. Just download a VPN and you Gucci fam.


They blocked all of the vpns ooof


If they blocked your VPN you’re doing something wrong. I just use tOR and it works fine.


Inb4 worst thing you can do to yourself is make watch or do anything related to waepins on the computer in school. C’mon man, this is common sense. As for YouTube, they don’t want you looking up big pr0n.

Also, your school has that gay shit where anything with “blocked” in it is automatically blocked too? Yeesh.


yeah… Kinda sucks… But like a month ago yt was unblocked, BUT there was some videos you coudn’t watch.


oh yah that weird thing where youtube was unblocked fortanetly it could not work at home so i didint bother going on it but i do know a few sites related youtube and stuff but what i really miss was the url unblocker thing what ever site which i loved last year it almost unblocked every site u put in the url but now this year they blocked like every proxy server ever so it was difficult finding unblocked sites but in only like 2 months i found a site


Can you tell me it?


try this


thx man