Have ya'll ever heard of a game, called, "Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy"


Have you guys ever heard of this 16 year old star wars game called “Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy” that somehow beats the saber combat of any other star wars games by the distance of about 50 trips to mars and back.
Not to mentions there’s so many mods that you can quite literally be Luke Skywalker on Mustafar while fighting Ki Adi Mundi and the Red Power Ranger at the same time.

I’m not joking, there’s proof

You can do some of the dumbest shit in this game with all these mods and I love it.

I downloaded a bunch of character models and maps to fight against bots and it’s actually amazing.

There’s a bunch of taunts too.
Some characters say “Take That!”
Darth Vader says “If you only knew the power, of the dark side.”
The Red Ranger says “iT’s mORPHiN tiME”
and so on.

I bought this game about two years ago and I’ve apparently played for 157 hours total. Not as much as Star Wars Battlefront II (Good version[Standing at 223 hours]) or Gmod (Standing at 325 hours[Apparently my longest played steam game])

And considering this game was made in 2003, it’s quite literally older than youtube by 2 years, you’d think it’d have outdated graphics, and it does. But not that much. Compared to some other games made at this time, JKA holds up real well. Luckily the lightsabers look good too.

JKA gives you what other star wars games like battlefront didn’t. Sure battlefront has the biggest battles and best shooting functions but JKA has the best saber combat, something I wish was in battlefront.

Just imagine if we could get a star wars game that has gunplay like Star Wars Battlefront games while at the same time having amazing lightsaber combat.

If EA would stop being a money-hungry company that sucks ASS, it would be nice to have a game like that. Because, regardless of the microtransactions and P2W, they make some pretty good games. I’ve seen enough gameplay of SWBF 2015 to realize, hey, that looks hella fun, why does everyone shit on that game just because no compaign and not much stuff at launch? SWBF 2 2018 though, it looks fun, but at the same time P2W so yeah.


Anyway, the game is currently only $399.99 on steam

I’m not sorry

jk, it’s actually only $9.99 right now

It was 20 bucks when I got it. I feel like I should be mad about that but I honestly don’t give a shit.

Because it’s at such a low price right now, you can go check it out if you want. I also know two great sites to find mods for this game.
There’s a bunch of tutorials on how to do this, it’s extremely simple. Also, if you have a windows 10 computer, you don’t even have to download one of those folder extraction applications. An extract feature comes with the computer!

You can trust both these sites, I’ve been using these for ages and I’ve downloaded so many mods without errors or viruses or any of that bullshit.

Also, I don’t know how but if it’s possible anymore, but I can maybe even startup a server and play with some of you guys (if you have the game) and we can have a bunch of dumb lightsaber duels or 'somethin.

This game is extremely fun, even 16 years after it’s been released and, with mods, can feel like a new game in it of itself. I definitely recommend this game.


wait what. it’s as old as me???

for a game made in that time, this actually looks cool