Guns you didn't expect to like (but did)


Alright, like the title says. Something a little different than just your favorite gun. What is a gun that surprised you and that you really enjoy?

Mine are the M60 (yes :frowning:) and RPK, which I found about the same time. I had mostly liked the low-recoil guns like the Aug A1, G36, MG36, and Scar series. However, trying both of these randomly at some point (maybe rank 60), I really loved the damage they did. The rough recoil and noise actually added to the feeling that I was using a powerful gun. I didn’t expect to like these high-damage / high-recoil guns but did.


Here’s one

G36Ci only stared extensively using it not too long ago


I’d say G36 for the most recent primary I didn’t expect to have a lot of potential

As for secondary, the Zip 22.


AK-12C. It looks ugly as sin, but it’s very powerful.


FAMAS is actually good for most ranges


ak12 br


M231 is stronk


L86LSW.From disliked to one of my favorite LMG’S
cough Fight me @Chroniton cough


Scar h and mp5


I will have to try this. Everyone says it is a laser but it always seemed to have some weird circular recoil.


Definitely the L22. Originally, I only had 8 kills with it. When I used it for the first day in ages, I legit got a multi collateral with it.


thats with l22


KSG 12

I’ve read the wikia about this gun,it sounds bad due to the large spread.

But it doesnt seem to affect my gameplay,i was sniping with it(without slugs) and i kept getting hitmarkers and assist kills.
Sounds bad but this gun is perfect for sniping if you havent tried the real sniping.




Im very glad I decided to try burst weapons. M16A4 S T R O N K


The G36 because of it’s accuracy.


Where is the FAMAS in that list??? HMM???



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