Guns I want in Phantom Forces #7


Tuma MTE 224 VA
A machine pistol called the Tuma MTE 224 VA (I’ll nickname it “Tumor”) was manufactured by Solothurn. I could not find the exact year it was manufactured, but I assume it was made in modern day. I also could not find enough research about Tumor, which I assume is a prototype?

Place of Origin: Switzerland
Capacity: 16 rounds
Cartridge: 5.56x23mm
Rate of Fire: ???
Weight: 3.2 lbs
Length: 0.9 ft


In-game Stats
Unlock Rank: 73
Damage: 33->24
Muzzle Velocity: 1600 studs/s
Reload Time: 2.3
Empty Reload Time: 2.6
Equip Speed: 17
Aim Speed: 20

Dragunov SVU-A
This gun is based off of the Dragunov SVU, but is a selective-fire version. The automatic feature was meant to use in an emergency close-quarters combat. Its brother, the Dragunov SVU, was manufactured in 1990, by KBP Instrument Design Bureau. It first saw action in the First Chechen War. Since this gun is considered a DMR, this gun will be put in the Battle Rifle category. This gun will be the first battle rifle that fires 7.62x54mmR in Phantom Forces.

Place of Origin: Russia
Capacity: 10, 20, or 30 rounds
Cartridge: 7.62x54mmR
Rate of Fire: 650
Weight: 7.9 lbs
Length: 1.7 ft


In-game Stats
Unlock Rank: 84
Damage: 37->33
Muzzle Velocity: 2400 studs/s
Reload Time: 2.7
Empty Reload Time: 3.6
Equip Speed: 10
Aim Speed: 10

A battle rifle called the CS/LR14 , or the NAR-10, was manufactured by Norinco. It is a tactical upgrade with modifications of the Type 81 Assault Rifle, which incorporates from the Dragunov, SKS, and the AK-47, and also fires a high-powered cartridge compared to the Type 81 firing an intermediate cartridge. The Type 81 saw action in the Sino-Vietnamese War, Sri Lankan Civil War, Kargil War, and the Internal Conflict in Burma. This could be the first Asian gun in Phantom Forces, unless the SKS’s model is considered Phantom Forces’ first Asian gun.

In-game Stats
Unlock Rank: 82
Damage: 38->31
Muzzle Velocity: 2300
Reload Time: 2.8
Empty Reload Time: 3.6
Equip Speed: 14
Aim Speed: 16

A semi-automatic rifle called the L1A1 SLR was manufactured in 1953, by Royal Small Arms Factory and Birmingham Small Arms Company factories in the United Kingdom, Lithgow Small Arms Factory in Australia, Canadian Arsenals, Ltd. in Canada, and Ordnance Factory Board in India. It is a derivative of the FN FAL, which was manufactured in FN Herstal. It saw action in the Vietnam War, Falklands War, Gulf War, and more. The British Armed Forces later replaced the gun with the L85A1 in 1987. Since there are no category for SLRs, this gun will be placed in the DMR category.

Place of Origin: British Commonwealth
Capacity:20 rounds
Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO
Rate of Fire:???
Weight: 9.6 lbs
Length: 3.8 ft


In-game Stats
Unlock Rank: 71
Damage: 43->33
Muzzle Velocity: 2600
Reload Time: 2.8
Empty Reload Time: 3.7
Equip Speed: 13
Aim Speed: 15

The L2A1 is a light machine gun model of the L1A1. The difference between the L2A1 and the L1A1 is that L2A1 has a squared front sight compared to the L1A1’s V sight. The L2A1 also have a foldable bipod that can be used as a handguard and can use a 30 round magazine, even though it can use the 20 round mag from the L1A1.

Place of Origin: British Commonwealth
Capacity:20 and 30 rounds
Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO
Rate of Fire: 675-750
Weight: assuming that it is heavier than 9.6 lbs
Length: probably the same

In-game Stats
Unlock Rank: 95
Damage: 39->27
Muzzle Velocity: 2800
Reload Time: 3.4
Empty Reload Time: 4.4
Equip Speed: 12
Aim Speed: 14

M2 Carbine
A carbine called the M2 Carbine was manufactured in 1944. The M2 and its brothers, the M1 and M1A1, was manufactured by multiple companies. The company that mostly produce this gun is General Motors, which marks the guns’ receiver as Inland Division. This variant was barely used in the Pacific Theater of World War II, when the United States’ fight against Japan was about to come into a close. However, this gun mostly saw action in the Korean War and the Vietnam War, replacing the sub-machine guns. This gun will be placed in the Carbines category, since it is classified as a carbine.

Place of Origin: United States of America
Capacity: 15 and 30 rounds
Cartridge: .30 Carbine
Rate of Fire: 750
Weight: 5.8 lbs
Length: 3 ft

In-game Stats
Unlock Rank: 110
Damage: 34->21
Muzzle Velocity: 1950
Reload Time: 2.2
Empty Reload Time: 3.2
Equip Speed: 12
Aim Speed: 15


Shay’s gonna like it until he watches the FAL variants part…

Unlock Rank: 110

ayo hold up 110 for a trashy m1 carbine? what’s this? venezuela or the high rank uprising?




The High Rank Enterprise. Low ranks get too much privileges. Besides, the game is already fucked.




How many people request new guns this month?


Reeeeeee not .280

3 shot CQC seems legit nuff

Pretty fast imo


SVU-A: hmmm… 7/10, but it’s russia though
L1A1 and L2A1, which look like the fal: I’M SOLD! 100/10!!!


For God sake, they are the FAL ._.


the l1 and l2 are british, the fal is belgian


that’s like saying the imbel ia2 is different from the fal because it’s modern and brazilian
we’re pro-gun nuts and we’re offended by that


but of course your name is french so of course you have made this piece of trash as an excuse of smg


but i am not saying that the difference is big


L1A1 and L2A1, which look like the fal:
the l1 and l2 are british, the fal is belgian

“”“whichs looks like the fal”""


The MAS-38 was actually a pretty good SMG.


except you literally made the thing tilt as a gun
which that’s why it was replaced with the mattpatty-49


The tilt was intentional. It uses a similar system as the Vector with off-axis bolt travel which helps reduce recoil. The MAT-49 was the replacement because NATO adopted the 9x19, and they wanted a cheaper more compact SMG. Not because it used off-axis bolt travel.




Quality counter arguement, try again