Gun suggestions megathread


it was a joke because the FAL in that video kept jamming!!!
(or something like that)



Just, no.

I got the screenshot from a Discord server so I couldn’t view the video


You do know, the SCAR models that are in game weren’t originally made by Shay?


No. Fucking. Way.


That’s Blasphemous!

Flabbergasted I am


Quality Shitpost right here :ok_hand:

(srrsly this is a old meme and we will never get the fnfal)


I know that’s what I said but they don’t listen

These noobs




I generally just want the fn fal so it is not a shitpost


Lets just say
FAL will be a thing when Half-Life 3 becomes a thing


We need an M1903 Springfield


How about a Musket/flintcock


Wat are you dumb… no just no. I dont think i even need to explain why this is a stupid idea. It would take the devs awhile to model and animate it. And it would be instantly redundent. Please stop shitposting.


FN FAL plez


the Springfield M1903


the Pedersen Device
if you don’t what the Pedersen Device is then it’s a bolt designed for the Springfield that makes it fire a smaller caliber and use a 40 round magazine (probably could be shortened for balancing), just google for a better explanation


So M1903 w/ P-device is a rifle version of the ZIP 22 and ext. magazine.
Sounds legit


Crossbow maybe?


Except it’s the same caliber. Different cartridge.

Caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet. .30 Pederson is the same caliber as 30-06.


Add a PP-2000 pls


add a fucking Tiger-1 German tank