Gun suggestions megathread


XD ik, hail FN FAL.





add fal


and gun sound effect.

  • FN FAL
  • More AK-12

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Yes lol.


Yes. It;s the only round that is still relevant today. Where the hell are you going to find .280 British on the battlefield?


When the cold war was a thing

But it isn’t, so no

also who in the right mind wants more AK-12s


Lets not have full auto avalible. Maybe just semi automatic. :thonk:


New Troll weapon

FAL with no rounds



This is no shitpost


Yes it is shitpost so deal with it


FN FAL IS A MEME so this is shitpost


Many of us actually do want it


And will never get it


Highly likely



I want you to show me proof that Shay will have a change of heart and add an FAN FAL.

If you’re next reply does not prove otherwise, then the Vaporwave known as the FN FAL will therefore otherwise be considered vaporwave, just like Half-Life 3


It isnt shay, but,


If it isn’t Shay, it’s no good.

I’ll be convinced if I see an FAL model in his gun place

But for now, the FAN FAL in Phantom Forces is now considered vaporwave.