Gun suggestions megathread


Yes this is a complete sentance


i’m confused this is painful for me


How about the Thor .45-70?
Basically a deagle .50 with single shot (or those who don’t know have to be reloaded everytime you fire)
with a vcog scope that could be attached.

How about a Desert Eagle with a vcog or a longer barrel attacment or .50 rounds attachment?


How about the M39 Enhanced Marksmen rifle?
Just another DMR to add to the mix. It’s currently the one the United States is using.

Or what about the PSS pistol?
A silecned pistol anyone?

Or maybe add a 100-round Beta C-Mag to the m231 as an attachment with a significant movement reduction when holding it?

Or the XM8?
An assault rifle to be added?
Originally was going to replace the m4.

I like to see everyone’s opinion on this!


Need this.


Two words

No u

Ha, did you really think I was gonna say “fuck no”? Well, you’re wrong, never judge a phantom by his rank.

Okay where’s my bleach.


Now i am going to start this off with a video to explain the fn fal Fn fal explanation now the fn fal is not only unique but it came before a time were full auto battlerifles were available.

Damage 40-35
Ammo 20/reserve 120
Ammo 308 winchester, 7.62 nato, .280 british.
Muzzle velocity n/a
Rpm 700
Modes: semi/ auto

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We need the FN FAL!

It’s very gud wep!


Why would we have one in .308 and 7.62x51?


I was just listing the rounds it takes


They don’t make them in .280 British anymore either.


Capitalize the gun name please, it’s really off putting, we can’t disgrace FN like that.
Other than that, join the club.



fuck off bot


Another FAL suggestion…

Because originality


They should make a FN FAL Megathread.


Let’s stick with the 7.62, yes?




I bet all 45k likes on that video are of players

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If you thought that we were going to vote useless you are terribly mistaken.