Gun suggestions megathread


Ammo capacity:100 rounds
Ammo type: 5.56X45mm
Damage should be similar to that of other 5.56 AR’s

Yes i’m an LMG guy
The PKP Is an LMG that fires Mosin ammunition(7.62X54RR)
Tbh it’d be like a Russian M60 cause why not?
Ammo capacity: 100 rounds
Damage:Similar to M60


The AG-3 is actually a Norwegian G3 variant.


You just want to spread the M60 + BT cancer ( I like the M60 kind of, so this is hypocrisy) but I like the ideas


We have that it’s called the M60.


What if they made it an M60 that took skill?


DMRs, ARs and CARs

Here we have the APS-95

This looks so much like a g36

  • Manufacturer: Končar-Arma d.o.o / K-A d.o.o
  • Damage per shot: 41 > 29
  • RoF: 650 RPM
  • Mag size: 30 RD of 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Recoil: AK-ish
  • Stability: Low
  • Dmg. Falloff: Max.: 85 stud. Min.: 135 stud
  • Bullet spread: Wide

Next gun! The BMCR

Manufacturer: ST Kinetics / ST K
Whole name of this gun: Bullpup Multirole Combat Rifle

  • Damage: 37 > 28
  • RoF: 770 RPM
  • Mag size: 20 RD of 7.62x51mm NATO
  • Recoil: A bit higher than the SCAR-H
  • Stability: Medium
  • Dmg. Fallloff: Max.: 130 stud. Min.: 205 stud
  • Bullet spread: Narrow



Its essentialy a BFG but its break action(no joke, I’ve seen it in a video in YouTube, I’ll send the link ASAP)

BFG 50 Break Action

Significantly lesser stats than the BFG 50

Lesser accuracy,damage, penetration and reload speed

But its movement speed is higher than any sniper.

To reload, the person breaks open the barrel,opens the cap before inserting the round, closing the cap and barrel.




Oh shit I forgottened, here it is

*look at the gun, not at the things being shot at


I’ll show you bullpups

M82 Bullpup assault rifle

(that large clusterfuck with .50 bmg is not the only m82 eccs dee)
Manufacturer: Valmet

Damage: 35 > 21
RoF: 750 RPM
Mag.: 30 x 5.56x45mm NATO
Recoil: Medium
Stability: not the best
Bullet drop: low
Penetration depht: 3.9 stud
Bullet spread: wide

The MAGPUL PDR Carbine

No clear proposed stats cause i could not find the RoF of this thing,
Next gun!


Yes there are multiple ACRs this is not the remington acr.

Manufacturer: Steyr Mannlicher

Damage: 28 > 19
RoF: It is burst, but holy fuck that 2200 RPM is insane… (400 Bursts per minute)
Mag: 24 x 5.56x45mm NATO
Recoil: High
Stability: low
Bullet drop: high
Penetration depth: 0.3 studs
Spread: Wide

Thats all k bye


Machine piss pole- uh, pistols and PDWs


Manufacturer: KBP
Category: Secondary>all>Machine pistol

Damage: 31 > 19
RoF: 700 RPM
Magazine: 20 x 9x19mm 7N21 +P+
Recoil: Low
Stability: High
Penetration depth: 0.4 stud
Bullet drop: High
Bullet spread: Medium
Aim walk speed: 9 speed units
Walk speed: 17 speed units
Run speed: Knife


Manufacturer: Saab Bofors Dynamics
Category: Primary>Scout>PDW

Damage: 35 (75 stud) > 20 (165 stud)
RoF: 720 RPM
Mag.: 30 x 6.5x25mm CBJ
Recoil: High, with great recoil control
Stability: good
Bullet drop: high (duh, it is a low cal)
Penetration: 0.2 stud
Bullet spread: wide

Spectre M4

Manufacturer: SITES
Category: Primary>Scout>PDW

Damage: 31 (95 stud) > 22 (190 stud)
RoF: 850 RPM
Mag.: 30 x 9x21 IMI
Recoil: High
Stability: Medium
Penetration: 0.26 stud
Drop: high
Spread: wide

K bye


5.56 deals more than 7.62


Depends on multipliers.


AUTOMAG V : A large handgun in .50 AE, very heavy recoil, slow rate of hire, and only 5 round mag, but accurate and intense damage.

AUTOMAG III ( Maybe as an alt to the Deagle ? ) Like the AUTOMAG V, but in .30 Carbine. So weaker than the V, but still very powerful in terms of handguns.

Lewis Gun ( Maybe with some variant upgrades such as 97 round pan mag ? ) : World Wars machine gun in .303 British, decent damage and rate of fire, recoil isn’t very heavy but very bouncy, high weight slowing down running speeds.

M16A1 : Classic to go with the other M16 guns, good rate of fire and damage, but more recoil than newer M16s with more weight.

AR-10 ( Old version from 50s/60s ) : M16 like gun in hard hitting .308 Winchester, similar stats to the AG-3, but faster firing rate with more recoil.

HK VP70 : 9mm polymer handgun, very light weight and great on handling, good mag size, but small damage. With its stock ( maybe unlockable ? ) on, it has an option for a 3 round burst fire mode, giving it a 2200 rpm fire rate.

Mauser C96 Carbine : A variant of the 9mm C96 pistol from Mauser with a stock and longer barrel. Very little recoil, small damage, but decent range, with maybe some unlockable 20 and 40 rounds mags, with default being a stripper clip.

FN FAL : yes yes! The gun everybody has suggested at least 10 times. Maybe different types of FALs ? Old School Wooden FAL with solid wood stock in .308 Winchester, and maybe Polymer with more common Nato rounds, how about some PARA FALs ? Hell, why not even the
FN CAL, A FAL in 5.56 mm.

Winchester Model 70 : Just as an alternate to some of the sniper rifles, a simple but very strong and powerful old school bolt action rifle in .308 Winchester. Without a scope could be a nice rival/alt to the Mosin.

And just for laughs and giggles ~
Lahti 20mm A.T.R : Yes I am sorry for suggesting this… Butttt, just saying, could be a good melee weapon. :wink:


Sounds kinda like the United States government’s way of doing things.


Oh dang
Shots have been fired, I repeat shots have been fired!


Again fuck no



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Oh… oh dear


ROBLOX Linked Sword

Holding this sword will make you attack like a ROBLOX player holding this weapon.
Left click will make the player slash down.
Right click will make player thrust.
Swinging the sword will make the original linked sword sound.
When you equip the sword, it will make the sound when you equip the original linked sword.
When equipping this weapon, the player will walk like a normal ROBLOX player…I guess sprinting too?
When the player kills an enemy player, the enemy player will make an “OOF!” sound, but when the player dies holding this sword, he/she/it will make an “OOF!” sound.
I guess Stylis Studios can use a free model…

I know it’s not a gun…