Gun suggestions megathread


Well bois it finally happened.


Welcome to the gun suggestion megathread dump.


AK-107 plzA+K-107_in_action




Hope you can speak russian


So AK 12BR.

Systematically, they’re the same gun


One fires assault rifle boolits, the other fires Mosin food.




Can you give stats plz


Yes, but the AK-107 is actually real.


And it’s an assault rifle not a battle rifle


But the AK 12 Balanced Recoil is a real weapons system.


How about the Bren ten so the MP5/10 has a way to get ammo(not just from itself) and because mimi vice






Just a few weapon ideas (taken from titanfall)

A mid range carbine. A mid range firerate
with high damage in return for higher recoil.
Also has an ammo counter


Damage: 30-40
Head/Body: 1.2x/1x
Rate of fire: 810
Bullet Velocity: 900st/sec
Mag size: 24
Ammo pool: 120
Penetration depth: 0.9
Recoil: Fairly high
Class: Carbine
Reload time: 1.5 tactical/ 2 empty

  • Yes
  • No
  • More balancing
  • Idk

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A high powered revolver. What it lacks in range it makes up in damage.


Rank: 61
Class: revolver
Damage: 70-50
Head/Body: 1.2x/1x
Rate of fire: 500
Bullet Velocity: 1000st/sec
Mag size: 6
Ammo pool: 60
Penetration depth: 1.2
Recoil: insanely high
Calss: revolver
Reload time: 2 tactical/ 2 empty

  • Yes
  • No
  • More balancing
  • Idk

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A lmg that increases firerate and damage the longer its firing.


Rank: 80
Class: lmg
Damage: 10 base, increases damage by one for each bullet, max 65
Head/body multiplier: 2.0x/1x
Rof: 500-1000
Bullet velocity: 1000
Mag size: 55
Ammo pool: 110
Recoil: Low recoil
Reload time: 4 secs both tactical and empty

  • Yes
  • No
  • More balancing
  • Idk

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A precise shotgun pistol with a close spread.


Rank: 75
Class: Secondary: other, Primary: shotgun
Damage: 30 per bullet, 3 shot per click.
Head/Body multiplier: 1.5/1
Rate of fire: 400
Bullet velocity: 750
Mag size: 3
Ammo pool: 30
Recoil: High
Reload time: 3 secs

  • Yes
  • No
  • More balancing
  • Idk

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Marksman Pistol
A high damage one shot pistol that deals no damage to the torso.


Class: Sniper
Damage: 101
Head/Body multiplier: 1x/0x
Rof: 100
Bullet velocity: 2000
Mag size: 1
Ammo pool: 10
Recoil: very high
Reload: 4 secs

  • Yes
  • No
  • More balancing
  • Idk

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Threat Sight and threat scope
Highlights enemies in red through the sight. Sight has a 1.2 zoom while the scope has a 6x zoom. Sight unlocked at 1300 kills while the scope is at 1500 kills.

Gun runner
A special “attachment” for the r-201 that lets you move at normal speed when reloading. Unlocked at 2000 kills.


  • Yes
  • No
  • More balancing
  • Idk

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Also plz dont merge this with the megathread


These gun aren’t real they came from A :b: E X L E G E N D S


and also no stats

  1. Muzzle velocity needs to be higher for these to compete with others in their class.

  2. Reloads should take a little longer IMO. Again, to fit in more with their contemporaries.

  3. Proba make the Devotion deal a consistent amount of base damage. A 2-hit kill with the fire rate of the Devotion will get a lot of dirty looks from the community,

  4. Wingman should have a 1.8x head multiplier for a 1-hit kill headshot and a doubled velocity, but have a ~3.2 second reload, 180 RPM firecap, and 42 rounds in reserve, in line with other revolvers.


He shows stats; they’re listed as “stats” with a bold arrow to the left, distinguishing them as tabs.