Gun suggestions megathread


whoever said that we already have a double barrel shotgun, your’e right, the Stevens DB.
He asked for the olympia which is an over under barrel shotgun


We all know the Browning Citori is a better choice for a O/U.


where tf my sten mk. II with spongebob duct tape be at smh my head


We need a different gun to have more variants than the AK-12!

  • FAL 50.12 GAUGE (Shotgun)
  • FAL 50.45 AR (5.56x45mm NATO Assault Rifle)
  • FAL 50.45 CQC (Carbine variant of FAL 50.45 AR)
  • FAL 50.00 BFD (Belt Fed Destroyer LMG)
  • FAL 50.00 LMG (Magazine Fed LMG)
  • FAL 50.50 BMG (.50 BMG FAL)
  • FAL 50.91 BAS (Bolt Action Sniper)
  • FAL 50.09 (Pistol)
  • FAL 50.09M (Machine Pistol)
  • FAL 50.44 MGM (.44 Magnum Revolver)
  • FAL 50 (Sawn Off FAL secondary)
  • FAL Melee (Melee)
  • FAL Boom (Grenade)

Add these Stylis!


Where’s my Hudson H9 and Maxim 9?
I have a strong feeling that stylis wants to add the Maxim 9. It would be the first integrally suppressed secondary (pistol).


And the Hudson H9 is a low recoil (due to low bore axis and fancy recoil spring) pistol which should have similar stats with the Glock 17, but with low recoil and should compete with the M9 in terms of damage.


you’re welcome


How about real FAL variets like the fucking Israeli FAL


FN FALO was in the vote.

But didn’t win…


I thin PF should add more exotic guns that arent too hard to get like the SAR21 or SA80 (im a patriot to Singapore). Or mabye add old guns like flintlocks or add a dualies section.


Stats pl0x


Sry im new to this and ill just do the SAR21


Or mabye u guys can add ur own stats


Doesn’t the sar21 look like the aug a1? Players may just favor the aug over the sar21 and since the aug a1 is unlocked at a low rank, I don’t think the sar21 will be used often, unless the sar21 has outstanding stats.


How about the M1 CARBINE? Or the first ever portable gun? idk


How is the Carbine the first portable gun ever?

I beg to differ


Already in PF


So a 13th century literal hand cannon?




Never said it was
I meant the first portable machine gun