Gun suggestions megathread


haha put them where? haha amirite guys?
dab if im right ;_;
(this makes no sense since this is now in the megathread, but don’t be a fatty mcvirgin, cool?)

  • dab
  • im a fatty mcvirgin

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Hell yeah we do stg and kar 98


What about put the most suggested guns in PF.

It just works


Luger may be next
With Garand along the line

Let’s just wait and see.


It worked for the FAL, so why not?

What gun will be our official most suggested gun this time?
M1 Garand?




I’ve notice that people have either forgotten the M14, an iconic firearm or either don’t care for it anymore. I was just wondering if anyone think that this gun should be added to the game. The battle-rifle has a few variants, the classic M14, M14EBR, and the new MK14. Donno the stats for it, but it’s just a suggestion/idea.


Olympia is better.

@SilverKnite, I choose you!


Yeah, I think that would be great, but we already got a double barrel shotgun. Even with that said, they still added 5 new AK variants with similar stats. I would like to see an Olympia too.


That was a joke but ok

Btw, welcome to the forums


Welp, I guess I take things to serious.
And thanks! :slight_smile:


What. The. Actual. Fuck


Sorry, I don’t get it.


Yeah I don’t either


ok then how do you upload pic? nvm



I see


who cringed?


Ah! Good one! Gotta love Fortnite and it’s cringe.