Gun suggestions megathread



We have the karambit so why not add it?

1 shot, 5 rounds per mag. 30 ammo in reserve.

100 - 95 damage drop off over 300 studs.
Basically half a BFG 50A


The AWP is the L115A3 you dolt.


They’re still different







Barret M82A1
And no, it’s NOT a .50 BMG.

Damage: 90>60
Rate of Fire: 230 RPM
Range: 90 > 180
Ammo: 5 (+1)/25
Recoil: Basically an M231 on semi auto
Multipliers: 2x head, 1.2x body
Ammo Type: .416 Barrett
Muzzle Velocity: 2300 Studs/S
Sight Magnification: 7.5x
Reload Time: 4.1 seconds, 4.7 when empty
Penetration Depth: 4 studs

Basically, this sniper rifle is more of a DMR than anything. Its recoil is high, and it isn’t even able to one hit bodyshot kill at medium range. However, what it lacks in accuracy and damage, it makes up for in sheer spammability, with its fire rate of 230 RPM beating out even the KSG.


Battle rifle
has 3 round burst and semi
does 45 - 32 damage
headshot multiplier x 2.0
good for range on semi
20 round mag
bullet pen 3
rof 600 semi burst 800


You complain about the fact there’s an energy sword in the game, but not about anything else?


I could complain about plenty of things, the topic was about lightsabers and “joke weapons.” The greater complaint is the devs breaking their own weapon rules by adding a fictional futuristic laser sword.




Give the MP7 the second green laser like the P90 has.


*Give every gun the second green laser like it was in the CTE because what was the point of not adding that to the main game


XM Prototypes


Weapon Class: Assault Rifle

Damage: 30 > 19
Range: 60 max > 110 min
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM 4-Round-Burst / Semi-Automatic
Ammo: 30(+1)/120
Recoil: Basically the exact same as the M4’s
Multipliers: 1.3x head, 1.0x body, 1.0x limb
Ammo Type: 5.56x45mm NATO
Sight Magnification: 1.8x
Reload Time: 1.6 seconds, 2.3 when empty

Notes: Has a built-in reflex sight, but it can be replaced.


Weapon Class: PDW (of course)

Damage: 35 > 15
Range: 50 max > 90 min
Rate of Fire: 1000 RPM 4-Round-Burst
Ammo: 20(+1)/120
Recoil: A bit less than the XM8 CR’s vertically, but more horizontal drifting.
Multipliers: 1.2x head, 1.0x body, 1.0x limb
Ammo Type: 9x19mm Parabellum
Sight Magnification: 1.4x
Reload Time: 1.2 seconds, 1.7 when empty

NOTES: The XM8’s PDW version had very few differences aside from its weight. However, I’ve made some changes to fit what a more developed prototype would act like. Rather than having the boring old 750 RPM, this baby has a sweet 1,000, killing so quickly you can barely blink. Also, it lacks the AR’s built-in reflex sight. Furthermore, instead of using 5.56x45mm NATO, it uses 9x19mm Parabellum, which makes more sense given its PDW designation. I’ve also given it a 20 round mag so it’s not completely absurd in CQC. It is also the only XM model capable of 3 shotting.
You’ll see the little feature of a more developed model of prototypes with each of these by the way.


Weapon Class: DMR

Damage: 33 > 24
Range: 90 max > 140 min
Rate of Fire: 700 RPM 4-Round-Burst / Semi-Automatic
Ammo: 15(+1)/75
Recoil: The lowest of all XM models, about 2/3 of the XM8 CR’s
Multipliers: 2.0x head, 1.0x body, 1.0x limb
Ammo Type: 5.56x45mm NATO
Sight Magnification: 4x
Reload Time: 2.8 seconds, 3.4 when empty

NOTES: The DMR comes equipped with a red dot scope similar in design to the Comp Aimpoint’s. Also, has the lowest 4 round burst fire rate of all XM models, however it makes up for it with its ability to kill in one burst inside of 140 studs.


Weapon Class: LMG

Damage: 30 > 20
Range: 80 max > 110 min
Rate of Fire: 850 RPM 4 round burst, 550 RPM automatic fire, Semi-Automatic
Ammo: 50(+1)/150
Recoil: The exact same as the Vector’s
Multipliers: 1.2x head, 1.0x body, 1.0x limb
Ammo Type: 7.62x51mm NATO
Sight Magnification: 2.3x
Reload Time: 3.4 seconds, 4.3 when empty

NOTES: This is by far the most stretched of the guns I’ve featured here. It’s a sort of compromise between the XM8 CR and XM8 PDW with its fire rate. However, it is the only XM weapon capable of automatic fire. It also is the heaviest of the XM models, needless to say. It has a 50 round drum, but uses the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge.


How good were these weapons?

  • Great
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Bad
  • Horrible

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Which one would you want to use?

  • XM8 CR
  • XM8 PDW
  • XM8 MR
  • XM8 LMG

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@MrGarfield26 you seem to be good at criticizing ideas, can you tell me what you think?
Also I think @Torush1 is good at that too, right??? Anyways, just tell me what you think.


Some attachments I came up with.

Detachable Box Mag: Exclusive attachment for M60. Box magazine containing 30 rounds. Greatly reduces weapon weight, recoil, and drastically increases reload speed.

Long Barrel: Increases range by 10%, and increases min damage by 10%. Decreases Max damage by 10% and lowers hipfire stability. Not available for some weapons.

Short Barrel: Decreases range by 10% and min damage by 10%. Max damage increased by 10%. Not available for some weapons.

Bump Stock: Allows semi-automatic weapons to simulate automatic fire, at the cost of 30% fire rate. Increases camera recoil, and decreases hipfire stability.

Magwell Grip: Special grip that fits around the magazine of a weapon. Not available on bulpup weapons. Increases reload speed by 15%. Increases recoil greatly. Slightly boosts hipfire stability.

Picanny Grip: Grip that is attached to the picanny rails of a weapon. Greatly increases hipfire stability. Drastically increased recoil while aiming down sights, and increased camera recoil. Available on weapons like the MP7 and P90.

Muzzle Disperser: Disperses gasses from muzzle upwards, decreasing upwards kick. Weapons can kick downwards, and have increased horizontal recoil.


cough cough Base Luna Roblox Rouge One thing


I don’t opinionate on equipment ideas often unless the mistake is blindingly obvious to me and I can’t stand but scream at the suggester about that mistake. I have no problem with this, no comment.


Overall, I think the stats are good for a relatively prototypical gun (even though it’s widely used by the Malaysian Military, so hooray for ASEAN again!) (I also don’t know if “prototypical” is a word, but once it’s said, it’s a word)

So I’m gonna use the XM8 CR as a baseline for this debunk. And I’m also gonna use the in-game G36 stats as a comparison, because both are German and both are H&K guns, so I can say it’s fair.


Rank unlock is unspecified, so I’m not sure. But the G36 is unlocked at Rank 25, so looking at the stats, I think the XM8 should be unlocked later

So it has lower damage than the G36, which has 32 -> 23

Poor range, so it’ll do worst than the G36

Looking at the CR variant, not so good. It’s practically a worst G36, and not really good in anything.

But, what I’m interested in, is the PDW


It has a crazy high damage of 35 -> 15, and the ROF of 1000RPM?

That’s a direct competition to the Colt SMG Model 635.

I can tell his gun will be a real challenge to use because of the 20+1rd mag, but it’ll be fun

All in all, I think the high damage and ROF, and the low recoil, is balanced out with the insanely tiny mag

Criticism on balancing


Automatic weapons (usually primary) all have a standardised headshot multiplier, which is 1.4×, if there are primaries that has different headshot multipliers, I probably forgot about them

This one is a positive one, I have never seen a 4rd burst weapon before. Heard of the XM8, but never knew it’s 4rd burst. So it’s somehing out of the ordinary

i didn’t debunk the other two because I’m actually short of time


Half of the weapons here either make pre-existing weapons obsolete, or are obsolete themselves.
Type all you want, none of these are getting in the game.
Except the FAL.



We all know nothing we request is gonna get added unless it’s some random fluke.

Because StyLis doesn’t give a SHIT about our suggestions

Even more suggestions!
New gun idea

More f*#@€&^ suggestions!

Here we have the xM2010 ESR:

No image cause i am posting this topic on a mobile device

The ESR Exp. Model 2010 is a variant of the MSR (See ‘nice gun suggestion for a nice game… number 3…’), ingame this would be an alternative for the intervention


  • Damage: 80 > 70
  • RoF: 40 RPM
  • Mag size: Seven rounds of .300 Win. magnum
    (Correction about the MSR that i have shown earlier: the MSR shoots 338 NM, not 300 WM)
  • Accuracy: not really bad
  • Falloff: MAX. 155, MIN. 260
  • Muzzle speed: 3000 stud/sec

Anyways that was the xM2010 ESR…

This is the KNT-308:

This is a sniper manufactured by Kalekalip in Turkey


  • Damage: 75 > 65
  • RoF: 40 RPM
  • Mag size: Five 7.62x51mm NATO rounds
  • Accuracy: Low stability, Very low bullet drop, No bullet spread.
  • Falloff: MAX. 105, MIN. 340.
  • Muzzle speed: 3000 stud/sec