Gun suggestions megathread


This could be a bad idea or a good idea
Since you added the lightsaber into the game, maybe you should add movie-famous guns/weapons into the game just for fun? for example robocop’s auto-9 would be pretty sick

Aside from movie guns, you should totally add the UTS-15 shotgun into the game


As for melees, you can get creative. like some anime sword or a motherfucking watermelon.

As for guns… well…


Lol how about the Mp5A5 custom? with the burst/auto mode to add to the coolness:


Well, then just add the whole HK416/417 family!


No. Don’t add the Auto-9. It’s actually a heavily modded 93R (M93R in-game).


Plus, its over-powered. It has FIFTY ROUNDS AND LESS RECOIL!


Remington 700 CP

Desc: It’s a handgun version of the Remington 700 PCR, itself a modernized Remington 700.

Damage: 65-50
Rate of Fire: 40 RPM
Cartridge: .308 Winchester
Fire Mode: Manual
Class: Other
Rank: 47


Then it becomes the SFG with large shotgun rounds instead of 50BMG rounds.


I have an idea

  The HK SP5K 

Category: PDW’S

Ammunition type: 45. Acp

Firerate: 900 rpm

Ammunition count: 25 + 1 chambered round

Ammunition reserve: 200



is that a real gun?


Indeed it is.


I want the MP5K to be a MP5K-PDW first.


All of the guns are op and stylis did good job on guns but there is one thing they are missing on the fire arms why not put 2 famous weapons like for the m1 grand as assult rifle or m14 as battle rifle it would be nice but thoese rifle here in info if u guy do not know what is m14 keep it clam and spam thoses m60 lmg.


i thought the M14 was a battle rifle


IT is


I see old pops use it as an close range rifle but yeah it is


Thanks for telling me that now i fixed it


now we’ll need the STG 44


There are variants of the M14 that are semi auto only


To name a few