Gun suggestions megathread


Adaptive Combat Rifle.


Im with you on the M1 Garand

Edit: First time using this so idk what im doing


that would be like the brecci all over again


t-thanks >////<


Lmao brecci wasn’t even that OP to begin with.

Besides easy collats and being a shotgun, the Brecci is almost a complete downgrade to the Sheiva.


been doing some research and these are the new guns I might add

Steyr IWS 2000 (VERY RARE GUN)
HK 416
Kriss KARD (Pistol) (Widely known as KAP 40 from Black Ops 2)
NTW 20
IWI Negev
Sten Mk II
Nagant Revolver M1895
FN Ballista
Walther PPK (The name’s Bond, James Bond)
Bushman IDW (IDW DA NYA)
HK G11
PKP Pecheneg
Lee Enfield
Kolibri (WHY NOT)

again adding them one-by-one is highly appreciated


since when was this a thing


since 1895…


Still pining over this hawt thang…

HCAR (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle)
Class - Battle Rifle
Cartridge - .30-06 Springfield
RoF - 450rpm Auto and Semi
30-round mag
Highest minimum damage and velocity of all automatic Battle Rifles


M27 IAR (M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle)
Class - LMG
Cartridge - 5.56 x 45mm NATO
RoF - 850 RPM
Fire Modes - Auto/Semi
Capacity - 40-round mag
Damage - 30-24
Rank - 46
Notes - Because it is based on the HK416, it might have less recoil but also less range and firepower. It would basically be a direct rival to the SCAR HAMR. (The SCAR lost the IAR competition to the M27.)
P.S. - Please lower the rank of the SCAR HAMR. You should reverse its rank with the RPK’s.


just buy the SCAR HAMR, but other than that, I’d really like to see one of my favorite guns from one of the clearly best COD games into my favorite ROBLOX shooter game.


I could dig the M27


same thing with the HK416 and 17


No way in hell this would be practical, but it would be dang fun. :grin:


how would you balance it?


Basically like a super-M231.


Can I tell you the m27 is kinda also the same as the hk416/17


so the roof shredder?




More like an “everything except what you’re aiming for” shredder.