Gun suggestions megathread


MP1911 is coming.


Would be nice to replace the G18 with the APS and make the G18 a new pistol though


Stats for fucks sake


Glock 18C IS the model in the game already.

More accurately, a G17C converted to full auto fire due to the lack of select fire switch on the left of the slide.


Hey guys, as you already know i had recently posted a thread about the AWS (i regret that btw) and i had an idea for a new sniper

                                            THE MAUSER. 96

I just thought the mosin nagant might need a friend that is a manual reload, great accuracy, and historical friend that matches it’s same calipers, though i love the mosin (i mean, come on. Its one of the most fast firing snipers in the game) so… that’s basically my idea.




lol not sure that would sorta be stylis’ idea, but ty


What would be your idea for a historical rifle? If you could detail a rifle and give stats that would be amazing.


put this in the gun suggestion thread cause this is pretty empty
(but i do agree on having it added)


im honored. Finally a thread where i don’t get cussed out lol


That was me :grin:

I was thinking whether or not the HCAR would be better as an LMG considering the fact that it’s based on the BAR and has special 30-round mags, but since it would be select-fire instead of just open bolt, I think it’s best as a BR.

I figure 450rpm with higher minimum damage would be perfect.


Speaking of this, how about the Mannlicher M95 straight-pull rifle?

We could have a Sniper Rifle and a Carbine version.




I would like to see these guns in game. MA. MSBS rifles! Or the ACR. Possibly the LR-300. If you don’t know them look them up.


Another day, another half-baked post.

@SilverKnite toss this in with the others.


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I heard rumors this was in the CTE.

Those we’re also in the CTE.

That was in Alpha.


Amazing weapon before you switch to the HK416 in Shellshock/Oof Brigade.





If only there was an AA-12 with slugs…
The most cancerous toxic gun