Gun suggestions megathread



where are the stats? the description? screenshots? if you are not gonna add those to your suggestion it will get declined without a doubt.


Stats and Pic



Weapons without detailed information and stats will be moved to:


delet this




HCAR - 30-06 Battle Rifle

MSSR - 5.56 select-fire DMR

CSA-45 - .45 ACP semi-auto Carbine

Omni .410 - AR-15 semi-auto Shotgun chambered in .410

Winchester M1892 - Classic lever-action Carbine

Mare’s Leg - Cut-down Winchester M1892 acting as an “Other” sidearm

M82 .416 - Barrett M82 chambered in a smaller cartridge


im just noticing that some of these guns have been added since this post lol. ill hit you up with a gun suggestion some time, prob will need to think about it so it’s a quality post.