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HCAR - 30-06 Battle Rifle

MSSR - 5.56 select-fire DMR

CSA-45 - .45 ACP semi-auto Carbine

Omni .410 - AR-15 semi-auto Shotgun chambered in .410

Winchester M1892 - Classic lever-action Carbine

Mare’s Leg - Cut-down Winchester M1892 acting as an “Other” sidearm

M82 .416 - Barrett M82 chambered in a smaller cartridge


im just noticing that some of these guns have been added since this post lol. ill hit you up with a gun suggestion some time, prob will need to think about it so it’s a quality post.


Add these guns please

Barrett M82A1
Winchester M1897
Winchester M1887
Scorpion EVO 3
M1 Garand with the iconic ping sound
Thompson Contender
Thompson M1A1 or M1928
M1918 BAR
FN Five-seveN
USP .45
Maschinengewehr 42 or MG42
M249 SAW
Škorpion vz. 61

it may be a lot but adding them one-by-one is highly appreciated


There was said that they will add no more .50 BMG rifles, but that was before the SFG and Hecate was added, you never know what they are planning this time, But don’t really get your hopes up for more .50 BMG’s, Especially when they are semi auto.

I like the look of those shotguns, Likely they can get added since the devs love adding sawed variants in the secondary catagory.

Semi auto sniper?
You belong in the DMR catagory now bud!

Hmm, Had good experience with this gun in PUBG, And it’s a variant of a high requested gun: M14, So yes please.

That looks really cool, Shay, add plz!

Who doesn’t want this?
Everyone wants a ping in every game!


A revolver, Wait, it’s not considered a revolver? It’s a Break Action Pistol???
What the…?

It’s unique, so it has to be in the game!


Instant accept.

Even more instant accept!

It’s an FN gun, Which is Belgian, so it has to be made IMMEDIATELY!!!
Shay! get to work!

Had fun experience with this gun in Apocalypse Rising, so yes.

MG3KWS is in this game, and apparently Shay has completed the MG42 model too, So it’s gonna be in the game no doubt.

Wait, that’s Belgian too right? hmmmm, No, apparently not, but it’s an American variant of the Belgian FN Minimi, Well… Close enough. I accept it.

(GTA Vice City Stories flashbacks)

The weird name, the weird look, And it’s Russian.
The model reminds me of the FAL PARA Shorty that’s in the test place right now.


Apparently it uses AS VAL/SR-3M ammo and it’s considered a cheaper alternative to the SR-3M, I like SR-3M so…

This nmcy627, I like him.
Good member.

I accept him in our community, He suggests good guns, With the exception of the Barrett, but everyone makes mistakes, So he’s forgiven.


repaints mg3kws to look more gReY


basically a pistol bfg/sfg but in the pistol category


I want the Thompson :):smiley::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Fun fact, the ping was actually not the indicator of a spent clip everyone makes it out to be. It did make the ping, yes, but unless you were in a quiet area, you wouldn’t be able to hear the ping over all the sounds of combat.


How about a LaRue Tactical OBR 7.62?

The Battle Rifle category feels a tad empty compared to other primary categories, so it would be nice to see another one added, and I just have a lot of fond memories of this one in particular thanks to MoHW and Breach & Clear. I can’t be the only one either, given how I’ve repeatedly seen OBR models from those games modded into things like Insurgency and Payday 2.

And also, of course, it’s stylish as hell. There’s that.


Oh yeah, should have done this with the initial comment, sorry. Here’s an image of what the gun looks like, just so I can verify that it is in fact stylish as hell.

For the stats, since the OBR typically comes with a 16-inch barrel and is based on a general AR-platform design I’m thinking it should perform better up close than its competition but worse at long range as a result, though likely less due to recoil/reload time a la the FAL and more due to lower velocity/harsher damage dropoff over range. Something along the lines of a SCAR-H but with more of what it does good in exchange for more of what it does bad. I’m no game designer though, so I dunno. That’s all up to the devs if they smile upon this request.


Hey how about the Remington ACR

Now the stats, the Gun has little to no recoil(it’s lower than most of the assualt rifles but higher than the AN-94 ,however it suffers from the poor damage out-put on mid to long range and has a rpm of 700 ,which isn’t that impressive although the max damage makes up for this greatly, it’s a close ranged version of the L86A2 in a way.


That’s literally just a wannabe SCAR.


MW3/MW2 flashbacks


Quick thing: the Barrett M82 could be added in the form of the M82 .416. It’s the same rifle chambered for a smaller ammo type.


Saw someone suggested it recently and just wanted to bump the suggestion, the HCAR is a really awesome weapon that would be cool to see added to the game. The .30-06 performs similar to modern .308 cartridges most of the battle-rifles in the game already fire, difference being the HCAR has an even more modern recoil suppression system than the SCAR platform. I guess if it was ported it’d handle like a 30 round scar-h with reduced recoil, lower fire rate, and slightly higher damage at range, maybe 3 sk without ap ammo to torso or something like that maybe? Would spice up the battle-rifle category that is pretty lacking and outperformed by ar’s at the moment, especially considering the ammo efficiency problem that makes DMRs and Battle-rifles pretty useless for trying to do long killstreaks


MP ( basically means machine pistol for me) Is lacking in the phantom forces community, i personally think the people at stylis studios need to add more machine pistols into phantom forces, here is a list of machine pistols they should add

                          1: Mauser m712
                          2: Baretta M951R
                          3: Glock 18C (basically an updated glock 18)
                          4: Stechkin APS