Gun suggestions megathread


Bring back Space Magic please OwO


Pretty straightforward. Just a brain-dump of some very interesting weapons that would be unusual additions to their categories.

This is a very powerful 30-06 battle rifle based on the BAR. Although manufactured in semi-auto, it would easily be modified for select-fire capabilities if adopted by a military force. It would fire at a slow but controllable 450rpm in full auto.

Although classified as a DMR, this 5.56 rifle has select-fire capabilities, making it the bigger and louder cousin of the VSS Vintorez.

If this .45 ACP AR-15 were fully automatic, it would be an SMG, but since it’s semi-auto, it acts as a very unique low-recoil carbine.

Omni .410
Semi-auto AR-15 shotgun chambered for .410 shells, making it very controllable and accurate for a shotgun.

Winchester Model 1892
A classic 10-round, tube-fed, lever-action carbine chambered in various cartridges such as 44-40 and 45 Colt.

Mare’s Leg
The cut-down sidearm version of the Winchester M1892 holding 6 rounds. A sharpshooter’s pistol.

M82 .416
The famous Barrett M82 chambered in a smaller round. Could be either a Sniper Rifle or a DMR.


Before we lock and merge this thread I want to do some work here @SilverKnite and make a decent weapon suggestion out of these. Give me time.

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Can’t wait to see this


Thomson: (this is my first time suggesting a gun so tell me if the stats are too high or low.)
Damage: 30-50
Ammo: .45
Class: SMG
Range: 34-60
Recoil: same as m16a3
Rounds: 20 (Extended mag = 30 and drum = 50)
Rank unlock: 60


just about right for me. I’m over rank 60 lmao


Which Thompson?
The M1921, M1928A1, or M1A1?


What about a throwing knife? High damage, low-medium range, but can only be used once, unless you didn’t hit anyone, and you can go get it from wherever it was.


Don’t take this seriously btw


maybe m1a1?


m1a1 the one most of them use


Yeah, you see, the M1A1 can’t use drums.


yah but an other attachment can change the gun maybe


Which M1A1?


No, it can’t use drums period. It was literally designed so it COULDN’T use them.


i think he means the attachment could change the receiver to something like an m1928


Stylis: Screw realism.


I meant like in other attachments it would change the gun adding a grip and drum.

New guns pls!

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Description? Rank unlock? STATS?