Gun suggestions megathread


That’s what I’m thinking too.


What would you suggest for stats?


Comparing with L115A3:

Damage: L96A1 > L115A3
Bolt rechambering duration: L96A1 < L115A3
Magazine size: L96A1 = L115A3
Spare ammo: L96A1 = L115A3
Muzzle velocity: L96A1 = L115A3
Recoil: L96A1 < L115A3
Reload speed: L96A1 = L115A3


Walkspeed L96A1>L115A3
That’s the big thing I want at least. Me and @TP_ONE were discussing some ideas for it above, and that was one idea discussed.


and that’s the problem

I know the L115A3 and AWS are all derivatives of the L96, but let’s think about it

the L96 is an older variant of the L115A3 (AWM) and you see, the L96 chambers 7.62×51mm and guess what the AWM chambers?

you’re right, the .338 Lapua. a significantly larger and harder hitting cartridge, rendering the L96 terrible in terms of muzzle velocity, if not useless

frankly, i think we need more variety of guns, not in the sense of “a variant of (insert family)” but rather a completely different gun, i.e SMLE MKIII, Tankgewher M1918 (13.2mm, better than the .50 BMG amirite?), Automatico M1918

I’m literally just listing out WWI era guns but heck it’s for the sake of an example


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Every sniper has a headshot multiplier of 3.0x. Doesn’t need to deal 100 damage


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Name: Russian Winchester M1895/Russian 1895

Class: Recon

Damage: 45-75

Firerate: 80rpm

Reload time: 2.8 seconds

Magazine Size: 5

You guys do the rest :slight_smile:

Ps: add custom scope for this

Thks @CamaroKidBB


looks like a cross of the Mosin-Nagant and the Henry 45-70


@TheDeadBush I’ll just post this in the mega thread. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


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@TheDeadbush Just search up this gun for BF1 on YouTube, it’s satisfying af.


Got this 4 u


Made in America.

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Also, tone down the damage a little bit. Multipliers will fix things :slight_smile: