Gun suggestions megathread


We’d want 1 shot headshot at least.


It’s not.


Yeah, and we have that for the max damage. The min damage should be lower so it isn’t TO OP.




Ok then the 99 or 98 should be fine.


The AWP is a variant of the L96 the L11 is also a variant, as I said earlier it’s funnier how we have variants but not the ACTUAL gun.



damn bot


Ya lol. :joy:




I’d hate to be the killer of fun, but shouldn’t this go in the offical Gun suggestions megathread ? I’m pretty sure that’s where weapon suggestions go…


Oh Sorry about that. Is there a way I can swap it over?


Here are some stats I thought up

Damage: 112 - 99
Rate of Fire: 75
Range: 100 - 210
Ammo: 9(+1)/62
Multipliers: 1.3x head, 1.1x body, 1.0x limb
Other Stats
Ammo Type:
Muzzle Velocity:
Sight Magnification:
Reload Time:
Penetration Depth: .8 studs

This is what I got so far, edit as you please.


Ping a leader and tell them to merge this post

Someone like @SilverKnite



Edit: durn, forgot to reply to the person OOF


The real gun has a mag capacity of 10 so at least have that.




That’s pretty strong for 7.62x51mm


Well, that didn’t work. Yeah, i got no clue


Maybe lower to 110>97 that’s lowered a bit, I still want that 1shs *1 shot headshot.


It would make no sense to have the same Sniper chambered in a lighter round. What would differentiate the L96 from the L115 or the AWS? Aside from what you suggested?