Gun suggestions megathread


Just better than the ump 45…smh


No, it has horrible damage at range




UMP 45 2HKO headshot in CQC?


*Imbel Ia2 ( battle rifle, carbine, assault rifle variants )
*Dao 12
*M417 cuz we need more dmrs
*i’ll think more weapons later.


Can you give stats?




See Sven Ayy Juan, Ayy Too.
C7A1, C7A2)


This is not nessary because of the M16+C79+Sand green and black camo.


Petition to move the M231 into the LMG slot in order to give it a T-Aim?

  • Yae
  • Nay

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You can just put the Alt ADS feature on the M231, eecksdee


inb4 purge


I just want an M1 Garand man.


AA 12

Where are youuuu???


USP match(with the option to remove suppressor or not coz its not integrally suppressed)

Option to fold the stock

If stock is folded, unable to use optics on it, only the iron sights,increases movement speed but decreases stability

If stock unfolded, able to attach optics to it
Decreases movement speed but increases stability.


I’m just putting this out here because the devs dont give a phantom about our suggestions.

The E-11 blaster rifle from star wars. Why the fuck not? We already have a goddamn lightsaber so why not turn this game from WW3 to fucking future guns. You guys already ruined this game when you added lightsabers. With the Mek’ Leth, I’ll let you slide, because you can make that in real life. But lightsabers? Really?

If you’re gonna add crazy shit like lightsabers, neon camos, and the SFG 50, you might aswell start spitting out movie shit like the E-11 and A280Cs and DLT 19s and all that


Those are all joke weapons… Don’t get all upset.


Then tell me the joke. what is the joke with having light saber? Theres no star wars related jokes in PF, it doesn’t do anything special, theres no reason for it, you don’t earn it by having a high rank, etc.
Lets compare it to the SFG-50:

+The BFG-50 is a meme in the PF community
+It’s a high rank gun so you earn to use the joke weapon
+It’s generally bad so it fits the joke status
+The joke is that its a literally pocket BMG
-its not real or realistic

The Lightsaber
-There’s no star wars related memes in the PF community
-Its earned through RNG, and noob can get it
-It works as well/better than other melee weapons
-The joke is… That… Theres a lightsaber in a modern game? That works I guess…
-It is not real or realistic

By your justification, your saying its fine to add whatever weapon they want, as long as its called a joke weapon. Maybe we should add an E-11 after all.


One year later and there is BB-8 Riding around on dessert storm


Corgi, can you put the list of planned guns on the topic?



Damage: 33>18
Rate of Fire: 250 RPM (Semi-Automatic)
Range: 30>65
Ammo: 6/30
Recoil: Pretty terrible. Around the DB Shotgun’s
Multipliers: 1.1x head, 1.0x body, 1.0x limb
Pellet Spread: Around the spread of the KSG, so needless to say, not very good.

Notes: This shotgun is supposed to be pretty terrible. The 18 damage is horrendous at even medium range, and the low damage ensures that Birdshot is not crazy on it. Also, this shotgun should be the heaviest of the ones we currently have, because this thing in CQC can dish out some serious pain.