Gun suggestions megathread


please add the 9a91 it is a russian compact suppressed assault rifle chambered for 9x39mm.
I feel it would have a good impact on the game and act as an alternative to the as val for just a bit higher level.


Please. Stats.



stop with the horrible gun suggestions that have no effort put into them


:clap: Stats :clap:


muzzle velocity 270 fps gas operated rotating bolt related weapon vsk-94, maximum firing range 400 meters with aid of a sight, chambered for 9x39 armor piercing rounds. used by russian police forces, designed as a cheaper alternative to the sr-3 vikhr which also is chambered for 9x39 mm, it is a carbine, rate of fire 700-900 RPM mag size 20 rounds,


Damage? Multipliers?


it would have to be similar to the as val


with a range increase


Basically an As Val but in carbine?




Because we all love low effort posts.


So I’ve seen many gun suggestions and decided to try my own hand at it. The gun I have picked is the L96 sniper rifle. Image result for l96 real steel gun

The L96 sniper is the main Sniper the British military uses, with use in many other countries including the US of A. The gun was produced in the year 1982 by the company Accuracy International. It uses a turnbolt manual bolt action system and shoots 7.62x51 mm bullets. As for the scope the gun uses a 6X42 Shmidt and bender. The gun uses a 10 round magazine firing the NATO bullets i designated above. The gun is known for being a part of the Arctic Warfare line of precision rifles. The gun is very often seen in airsoft as one of the most popular snipers for beginners. For stats give it similar stats to the AWS slightly more damage and a higher drop off. But make the reload a tad slower. This is my gun idea.



We already have 2 guns almost the same as that. AWS and L11.


Both of those descend from the L96, why do we have two variants of a gun but not the actual gun.


Hmm, L96 MAY be a good addition, could ya maybe provide actual ingame stats, rather then telling us what the gun was like?


Im on a school computer right now which means I cant currently pull up the stats of the L11 and AWS which I’d use to compare and find good stats for. I already gave some suggestions but actual numbers are impossible for me to create right now.
Maybe 112>108 headshot with lower dmg for body and even more for limbs. This is all stuff I’m trying to figure out wihout dealing with variables which I would have with access to with the wiki, so I’m just fiddling with that headshot dmg rn. I’ll take suggestions for stats.


Okay. If you do eventually make stats for this thing though, I will be one of the first to read.


[quote=“SuperNova_wOlfy, post:6, topic:11483, full:true”]
Okay. If you do eventually make stats for this thing though, I will be one of the first to read.


it’s the AWP, the gun on a board in the map: warehouse


Okay, so far so good. But make the min damage a lil bit lower mabye? like 99?