Gun suggestions megathread


Should be a primary.


No, that was the CTE, That was after Beta.


I guess you like bullets that almost actively miss the head and kills stupid slow otherwise?

1858 New Army is better.


Well, everytime I’ve used it, I’ve hit heads when I intended to. I don’t use it above 100 studs


It’s hiiigh noon.



but then again within those 100 studs the 1858 has both a better bodyshot TTK and also one-hit headshots at this distance, with about 27 more studs to spare.


In request of:

VKS Vykhlop

Russian bolt action silent sniper rifle!



RANK: 103
Catagory: Sniper Rifles

  • Damage: 90-60
  • Fire Rate: 50
  • Magazine size: 5 + 1
  • Ammo capacity: 45
  • Bullet type: 12.7×55mm STs-130
  • Reload time: 2.7 Seconds.
  • Empty reload time: 5 Seconds.
  • Headshot Multiplier: x3 (Short ranged damage: 270, Long ranged damage: 180)
  • Torso Multiplier: x1.25 (Short ranged damage: 112.5, Long ranged damage: 75)
  • Fire Modes: Semi
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2000 Studs/s
  • Penetration Depth: 2.0 Studs
  • Sounds: Heavy suppressed
  • Reload animations: Bolt open, then the Dragunov SVU reload, then Bolt close.

Recoil: Less than BFG 50, that’s a big bullet though.



  • PSO-1 Scope
  • Coyote Sight
  • EOTech 552
  • C79
  • Reflex Sight
  • VCOG 6x Scope
  • Comp Aimpoint
  • Kobra Sight
  • ACOG Scope
  • PKA-S
  • M145
  • Z-Point
  • MARS
  • PK-A
  • EOTech XPS2


  • None


  • Folding Grip
  • Angled Grip
  • Vertical Grip
  • Flashlight
  • Stubby Grip


  • Ballistics Tracker
  • Laser
  • Canted Iron Sight
  • Green Laser
  • Canted Delta Sight


The VKS Vykhlop is a silent sniper rifle, which means you will stay silent, The damage is high up close, but it falls down to low damage.

It has a 2000 studs per second penalty like the AWS, so you should aim a little bit higher than you used to do with snipers, or if you are used to the AWS’s muzzle velocity, then you are fine.

The user should keep watching their ammo count, because it is only a 5 round magazine, and reloading takes a bit to do.

Like the Mosin Nagant, this weapon can become popular at closer ranges aswell, Because it has iron sights on default and has high damage up close.

Comparing the VKS Vykhlop with other DMR’s:

Intervention vs VKS Vykhlop:

The Intervention suffers from a slow fire rate while the VKS Vykhlop has a higher one, firing a little faster than the AWS, However, the Intervention has a large magazine capacity to keep itself busy fighitng agains’t the VKS Vykhlop.

Remington 700 vs VKS Vykhlop:

The Remington 700 suffers from the same problem as the Intervention: Slower fire rate but larger magazine capacity, however the magazine count is 1 round smaller and the fire rate is slightly higher, but the VKS Vykhlop still beats the Remington 700 in fire rate.

AWS vs VKS Vykhlop:

The AWS and VKS Vykhlop are similar to eachother, Both have a nerfed Muzzle Velocity, both are silent, but the AWS has a 10 round magazine, while the VKS Vykhlop only has a 5 round magazine, The VKS Vykhlop fires slightly faster, but this can become an interesting fight.

BFG 50 vs VKS Vykhlop:

What do I have to say? A BFG 50 user simply fires it’s bullet, hopes that it kills you, if it didn’t, hides so you can’t fire a shot, then retry that process, You gotta have some aim and timing to defeat the BFG 50 user.

L115A3 vs VKS Vykhlop:

The L115A3 has the same magazine size as the VKS Vykhlop, but has a higher muzzle velocity but still has a slightly lower fire rate, But this thing is very loud.

Mosin Nagant vs VKS Vykhlop:

The Mosin Nagant is gonna be an interesting fight agains’t the VKS Vykhlop at close range, both are popular with iron sights, However the VKS Vykhlop has very high damage up close, but the Mosin Nagant has a higher fire rate.

Hecate II vs VKS Vykhlop:

Like the BFG 50, but with a 7 round magazine, The Hecate II will outperform the VKS Vykhlop because by the time the user unlocks the Hecate II, they are already trained with sniper bullet drops.


Give 2 votes, 1 to if should be added to the game, the other if it’s balanced.

  • The VKS Vykhlop should be added to the game.
  • The VKS Vykhlop should not be added to the game.
  • The VKS Vykhlop’s stats is balanced.
  • The VKS Vykhlop’s stats is unbalanced.

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Now, let the discussion start!


Barrel: Suppressor, R2 Suppressor, Compensator, Muzzle Break, ARS Suppressor, PBS-1 Suppressor, PBS-4 Suppressor
you got it all wrong


It’s a suppressed sniper.


I’d like to mention that the VKS is also straight pull, meaning you just pull back and push forward the bolt every time you fire


Well, that results in an even higher fire rate?


But it needs double suppressed power




Megasuggest for random stuff

AirForce Texan SS

Scope Reticle:

Class: Sniper Rifle
Ammo: .45 Pellet
Ammo Class: Sniper Rifle
Damage: 60-40
Range: 50 max - 150 min
Velocity: 1,800 stud/s
Capacity: 1
Reserve: 63 (1.5x that of the BFG)
Fire Rate: Reads as 40 RPM (actually fires at 30 RPM, though can fire at 35 RPM if you reload cancel, but PFFT who does that?)
ADS Magnification: 7.5x (Default 7.5x scope; real paired gun has a 4-12x optic)
Reload speed: 2s (~1.7s cancel time)
Head Multiplier: 3.ox
Torso Multiplier: 1.67x
Penetration Depth: 2.0 studs
Movement: 13 stud/s
ADS speed: 12

.45 caliber single shot airgun. High risk high reward weapon that is very quiet and reloads really fast. Rivals the Intervention in firing speed, and handles much faster.

De Lisle Carbine

Class: Sniper Rifle
Ammo: .45 ACP
Ammo Class: Handgun
Damage: 52-35
Range: 40 max - 90 min
Velocity: 1,500 stud/s
Capacity: 7+1
Reserve: 70
Fire Rate: 90 RPM (uses the Lee-Enfield grip; hand on the bolt and stock)
ADS Magnification: 2.5x (Default to iron sights; can use the No. 32 Enfield MkII scope the Lee-Enfield uses by default though, which has identical zoom to the PU-1 on the Mosin.)
Reload speed: 2.7s (~2.3s cancel time) Partial; 5.5s (~5.1s cancel time) Empty
Head Multiplier: 3.ox
Torso Multiplier: 1.4x
Penetration Depth: 0.5 studs
Movement: 14 stud/s
ADS speed: 15 (12 with the scope)

Extremely quiet pistol-caliber bolt action rifle. Unlike the Texan SS, it is repeating, though it also fires at a worse muzzle velocity than the Texan SS, and doesn’t 1-hit to the torso.

Lee-Enfield Mk. IV


Class: Sniper Rifle
Ammo: .303 British
Ammo Class: DMR/Battle Rifle
Damage: 55-41
Range: 80 max - 160 min
Velocity: 2,500 stud/s
Capacity: 10+1
Reserve: 30
Fire Rate: 90 RPM (uses the Lee-Enfield grip; hand on the bolt and stock)
ADS Magnification: 3.5x (Default to iron sights; can use the No. 32 Enfield MkII scope the Lee-Enfield uses by default though, which has identical zoom to the PU-1 on the Mosin.)
Reload speed: 3.2s (~2.7s cancel time) Partial; 6s (~5.5s cancel time) Empty; uses the magazine (which actually detatches!) to reload.
Head Multiplier: 3.ox
Torso Multiplier: 1.2x
Penetration Depth: 2.5 studs
Movement: 14 stud/s
ADS speed: 14 (11 with the scope)

Fast-firing bolt action sniper rifle. Reliant on headshots for a reasonable time-to-kill, especially at range. Due to its fire rate, mobility, and capacity, it has the worst velocity of the non-suppressed snipers. While it has better ballistics than the Henry and 1858 Carbine, and performs similarly to both of them with a higher muzzle velocity, unlike the two, the Lee-Enfield is not capable of a 1-hit torso kill up close, nor is it capable of a 2-hit torso kill at range.



Class: Revolver
Ammo: .442 Ball
Ammo Class: Magnum
Damage: 58-33
Range: 65 max - 120 min
Velocity: 1,500 stud/s
Capacity: 5
Reserve: 45
Fire Rate: 300 RPM
ADS Magnification: 1.7x
Reload speed: 3.3s (~3s cancel)
Head Multiplier: 2.5x
Torso Multiplier: 1.4x
Penetration Depth: 0.5 studs
Movement: 14 studs/s
ADS speed: 20

A revolver to bridge the gap between the 1858 and the MP412 REX/Mateba 6. While it fires rather quickly, it doesn’t fire as fast as the other revolvers, or even the DEagle. However, its recoil is more manageable and reloads quickly (akin to the 1858), and still fires reasonably fast, at the cost of being a “master of none” and only having 5 shots.


make it so the revovler has to remove and insert each individual bullet, combined with the firing cap


add IMI Negev light machine gun


Oh HELL no.
Image result for nagant m1895
StyLis better fucking add the Nagant M1895 that can be suppressed before ANYTHNG ELSE in ts class.


You can actually replace the cylinder. Just pull the cylinder pin, then remoov the cylinder. Replace it, then put the pin back in.


But why?


Cause do we have any guns from ISRAEL?