Gun suggestions megathread


7.62x51 or 7.62x39? And if so two guns i would suggest are the galil and the ak15


Dont forget about the sr2 or the b&t mp9


The finnish RK-62
It fires the 5,56×45 mm NATO
The RK-62 Is based off the AK-47. The gun is used by the Finnish armed forces.
If you didnt know. The GALIL is based off the RK
The finnish army will be replacing the RK-62 with the RK 95 TP
RK=Rynnäkkö-Kivääri=Assault Rifle
TP=Taittoperä=Folding Stock


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Desert Eagle L5, chambered in .357 magnum


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Effin Fal.


Fal is gonna be added

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mp-9 lol :joy:


GAU-17, obviously a balanced weapon to add.


BFG A model

The BFG 50 A is basically a BFG but with a magazine. It should really be added, and maybe even replace the Hecate II.

They should also add more internally suppressed sniper rifles, as the only one we have now is the AWS.


You try balancing that


ww2 plzzzz!!! everybody always says that there are enough, or it ruins a modern fps, but I think it would be great if we could get AT LEAST ONE OR TWO of the following (for test place for now, obviously):

-M1 Garand
-Gewehr rifle
-Grease gun
-Tommy gun
-Little Boy Nuclear Warhead

The last one was a joke but really, these would make my experience much better, personally.


Yeah no. There are more than enough, and it does ruin a modern FPS, you can’t just ignore these things when making a game.
Be real with yourself and admit you only want these guns just because, you have absolutely no reason they should be in the game.