Gun suggestions megathread


Seeing as there are so many gun suggestion posts that pop up, I decided to start this megathread, instead of everyone posting separate posts.

So have at it.

E-11 For a new assault rifle
Can we get a kar98k?
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LMG request (MG42andMG3)
Add the arx160
Add FN fal
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LMG request (MG42andMG3)
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Winchester 1887
Please add the 9a91


Oh ok…

fal of course ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Commando ar
galil ar
vector k10? not a good idea still
g11 burst ar
Yeah that’s all, Corgi.


Fn fal
I might edit this to show stats later idk


I don’t make gun request often so why not.

The DP-12 is a bullpup, pump action, 12 gauge, double barrel shotgun made by standard mfg. Co. The shotgun fires twice before needing to pump, and shells are ejected downwards through the loading port.

Ammo capacity: 14+2/64

Accuracy: med-high gun recoil that pulls to the left, large spread. Generally low camera pull.

Damage: very high close range damage, which quickly drops off to a very low damage at range.

Handling: due to its double barrel, 9.3 lbs, duel loading ports, and general thickness, the gun has poor handling. Pumping takes a long time, reloading takes a long time, movement speed is low, aiming time is low, etc.

Why should this be added?
A new shotgun to expand the shotgun list, an interesting way of shooting to make it stand out from other guns, and generally easy to model as it looks very similar to the KSG.

Doom gun, bad handling, close range monster.
Leeto plz


While suggesting a gun, can we try to moderate ourselves and suggests guns that go beyond “Because I want it?”

I dream of having an ACR or something too, but I know they wouldn’t add anything new or are even needed.


Lee Enfield
Deagle .50
IMI Galil AR

To be continued



Remington MSR
Robinson XCR
Cheyenne M300 Sniper rifle
And make a possibility for the AUGs to change to the Swarovski 1.5x (AUG A1 scope), Steyr rail mount (A2) and the AUG RAS (A3)
AUG A3 with scope… BOOM…! 1.5x SWAROVSKI!


A Colt Commando


FN FAL counter: 5

M14 counter: 7


Description: Variant of the UMP 45. Fires faster, has a larger magazine capacity, and is even more stable when firing.

Damage: 36 > 19
Range: 50 max > 100 min
Rate of Fire: 745 RPM
Ammo: 25(+1)/100
Recoil: Nearly identical to the UMP 45’s, but with more horizontal.


Glock 22

Damage: 33 > 26
Range: 50 max > 90 min
Rate of Fire: 650 RPM
Ammo: 15 (+1)/75
Recoil: Somewhere in between the M1911 and G17.
Multipliers: 1.5x head, 1.0x body, 1.0x limb
Notes: Should take longer to reload than the G17, and generally handle slower. Bullet drop should be less than the G17, so it is easier to use at range.

This pistol is supposed to be a reliable backup source of damage at medium range. While it lacks the G17’s ability to 3-hit kill in CQC, it makes up for it with the higher minimum damage, and taking one less hit to kill at range. All around reliable handgun, but it is not as spammable as the G17, and handles slower too.

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Damage : 41 - 29
Headshot Multiplier : 1.6
Torso Multiplier : 1.1
ROF : 250-300
Aim Recoil : mid-high, atleast lower than vss
Hip Recoil : high


The UMP-40 is .40 S&W, what you’re thinking of is the UMP-9.


colt commando aka m4


No,look on wikipedia


I did, and it agrees with me.




Fedorov Avtomat

An ancient Russian assault rifle made by Captain Fedorov.

Damage: 55-27
Rate of Fire: 400
Range: 60-125
Ammo: 25(+1)/100
Recoil: Similar to the M60 or RPK’s
Multipliers: 1.5x head, 1.0x body, 1.0x limb
Other Stats
Ammo Type: 6.5x50mm Arisaka
Muzzle Velocity: 2,150 Studs/S
Sight Magnification: 2.6x
Reload Time: 2.9 s, 3.4 when empty, 0.4 with stripper clips per 5 rounds, 0.9 with stripper clips when empty or below 5 rounds in the mag.
Penetration Depth: 2.4 studs
Suppression: 0.4

Notes: Should either be a Battle Rifle or a very slow Assault Rifle. Acts like a higher power AG-3. Capable of two shotting enemies up to medium range, but is a 4 hit kill at long range. Handling is not very good, even slower than the AG-3.
Has an exclusive attachment called Stripper Clips where it loads its shots from the top via stripper clips with 5 rounds in each. Reloading individual clips is much faster, but the weapon loses the +1 in the chamber, and the empty reload time is longer than default.