Gun Durability Suggestion (Splintered from Knife Durability)


You’ve got a point for the fast paced FPS series, for sure
Mind you, certain FPS series do have elements that make durability a viable option, as stated by other members.


If that was the case, then it would take around 10+ matches worth of shooting to break the weapon, which can work.

The M4A1 fired approx. 60000 rounds before stoppages led to failure, iirc.
I used 100 durability points as a placeholder. Guns could have up to thousands.


Most of those, if not all are survival games primarily.


I have quite a few concerns so far

If the gun breaks around 10 matches, how long would it take to repair the gun?
If the repair is only a few matches, what’s the point? You typically use different guns for different scenarios; even if you used the same gun multiple times, why can’t I just keep the gun?
If the repair is a long time, wouldn’t that just hurt new players with extremely limited gun selections and favor high ranks with copycat guns that all do nearly the same thing?
Will this system be a slippery slope to buying guns akin to CS:GO?
Would this system diverge into P2P to repair guns faster?
Would durability become the major factor in determining what gun to use (more than the gun’s stats)?
Will durability be used to make higher/lower ranked guns worse in order to glorify their respective counterparts?
Will durability become a game necessity for balance?
Is durability a ploy to get rid of one-tricks?
Will durability get its own stat bar?

These were just the few I could come up with off the top of my head


I’ll give a huge red flag for this, because

  1. Cannot into grind attachments
  2. This ain’t Minecraft
  3. If somehow your gun breaks and loses it durability in mid combat, and all your other knives and guns has done the same too, gg you. You can’t defend yourself


Hmmmm, putting some more thought into this…

  • Weapon repair times would differ depending on the % of durability points used. I’m guessing 15 minutes to repair a completely broken weapon.
    Otherwise, the repair automatically starts as soon as the weapon is unequipped. Might have a minimum durability point threshold to meet before the weapon can repair itself (e.g. 20% of the weapons total durability to be used before repair starts).

  • The wait times will be quite short if you decide to repair partially degraded weapons,

  • New players should be able to gather enough EXP within 10 matches worth to attain new weapons (Assuming they completely break the weapon). If they decide to use all the durability points of a weapon, they may use another starter weapon, or a recently unlocked one.

  • I don’t understand what you mean about the CS:GO bit.

  • Using CR to speed up repair costs wasn’t intended in this suggestion. The player will have to wait for a short while, like a significantly downscaled version of the 8 hour free case.

  • Having durability be the main factor for determining which weapon to use? That’s a good question…

One way you mentioned is to assign more durability points to weapons that don’t see much use in PF. This means the accuracy drop from durability loss wouldn’t have as much impact as other frequently used weapons.

Weapons with a higher base accuracy will have differing degradation rates depending on the number of durability points allocated to the weapon. This may influence the choice of weapons to use and the usage habits, respectively.

  • People who main one gun should be able to keep using the weapon, provided they can wait for a short time.

  • There might be a counter shown in the weapon info page about the number of durablity points (e.g. 80/100)

Looking for your feedback from the response I’ve given.


TBH This still makes it seem like a mobile “energy” system, but if it was a XP boost. (for example the more weapons you try out you get BONUS xp) to encourage different playstyles, that would be cool.


About mid combat situations…
If the weapon breaks mid-combat (i.e. using up all durability points), there would be a “grace period” where users can still use the weapon until they die. This comes at the cost of substantially reduced accuracy of the weapon. The grace period may also apply to melee weapons.

The user will be notified about their broken weapon and will switch to a different one.


That’s not a bad suggestion. I like the idea.
Something like a “Mastery system” to give bonus XP for using a variety of weapons.

I’ll keep that in mind.


Meh, I don’t like the idea. I have the feeling this would anger a lotta players. What about Petrify? When he does his “you choose i use videos” he needs to be able to use the weapon for the entire round. And besides, this feature would probably ruin the experience for newer players, as they often spray and miss a lot of shots.

I just think this has more cons than pros, and would just backfire.

Whaddayou think?

  • I Agree
  • Meh, I’m neutral
  • I disagree
  • Scrap the FN-FAL

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ok, but still opposing this idea so…


What in the FUCK?



intense screenshake intensifes


If PF ever was a Battle Royale/Campaign/Survival game, then this would be a great feature. Otherwise, no, I’m not on board of this idea.

Scripting this would be a pain too.


Unturned makeshift rifle flashbacks


It will never be added so what are we supposed to do? Beg lito to stop watching anime?


No. You need to pay 100 creds to fix…or wait 2 matches


Ikr pf is ded


I don’t even play that much anymore…

Blame my addiction with sword burst 2…


lol same.
At 1230 I might play more zombie attack


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