Gun Durability Suggestion (Splintered from Knife Durability)


I’d like to expand on the original thread made by @Donkey_horse, but focusing on gun durability. This is due to some users in that thread saying how guns would need to have a similar system to the knives.

The only thing that users will have to pay for repairing weapons is a few minutes of their time, no CR involved.

Initial purpose off the top of my head is to make users more mindful of their ammo usage, as well as adding variety to try new weapons instead of maining one gun.

My rough idea on gun durability in PF:

  • Each class’s exclusive weapons has a set amount of “durability points” allocated to it.

The amount of durability points allocated will be determined by a number of factors. A few examples would be the class exclusive weapons listed, the RoF, trigger mechanism, etc.

Example: In the “Assault” class, all of the “Assault Rifles” would have 100 durability points.

Each durability point is equal to 20 rounds shot from the weapon.

  • Degradation of durability points will affect the accuracy of the weapon.

The degradation of accuracy is continuous, meaning that if you shoot for a total of < 1 durability point, you still suffer a loss in accuracy of the weapon.

Using all the durability points on a weapon will render it “broken”, requiring the player to switch to another weapon while the broken weapon repairs itself. Broken weapons will fully repair after the match ends.

The total amount of bullets that can be fired from a weapon before completely breaking is:
Total number of durability points x 20

For calculating the drop in accuracy (percentile value) for each round expended:
Accuracy stat in % value / Total amount of durability points

(Post needs more thought. Will place more detail soon)


Not ideal for grinding a specific gun for attachments.
Which I do when new weapons come out.


I don’t think it’ll be as severe as you think.

If I use 100 durability points as an example (Weapons can have more or less):
Given that 100 durability points x 20 = 2000 rounds expended before the weapon “breaks”, that’s completely emptying a standard 30/120 capacity weapon for 13.33 times. That should be enough for 1 match, if not two.

Also considering that matches don’t usually go to the maximum of 15 minutes, you won’t be missing out on much.

If there’s also multiple new weapons to grind that aren’t broken, you can use those in the meantime while you wait for your weapon to repair.

And those times when the game finishes a few seconds after your UI loads in, the weapon that is broken is repaired to full durability.


What about old/wooden weapons, such as the Mosin Nagant, Trench Mace,… will they break faster?


Well, I made this thread to deal with the weapon side of it, so I’m not too sure about melee weapon durability.

As for snipers & shotguns, the degradation of accuracy would be different due to a different amount of durability points for each weapon category.

Most snipers & shotguns have a smaller magazine/clip capacity than automatic rifles. Since these weapons tend to favour accuracy for the initial hit, the number of durability points would be lowered (I’d say 50 durability points)

This means that each shot of the sniper or shotgun will impact accuracy more than automatic weapons & consequently less shots before the weapon breaks.


What would be the point of adding this system? You purposed the system, but you never purposed a reason.


I’m still figuring out a way by adding more stuff as I go along.

I can relate what you have said to this thing called “Life”.


This would be more fit if Phantom Forces was say: A survival game.
In fact, if reloads were slowed down, and alot of other things to be adjusted, Phantom forces would make a basis for a bloody good survival game.


I feel like it should work like this instead, the more you shoot with a automatic weapon, accuracy will slightly decrease, with burst it will only decrease from that burst, and semi wouldn’t be affected.


If you were to main a gun and outta credits (our only currency in game), it would be some sorta a p2w game


No credits involved in the suggestion I came up with. All you have to pay is a few minutes of your time waiting for your weapon! :smiley:


I dont like this

This wouldn’t be fit for a fast-paced First-Person Shooter


Would you mind elaborating on why it wouldn’t suit a fast paced shooter like PF?


because 10 year old love to spend money. If they hate something, they won’t give the game their mommy’s credit card. No credit card means less money, and less money means Lito will lose his crunchyroll and hentai subscription, and he will become depressed, and quit making Roblox games.

TL;DR- Durability is for Minecraft and Unturned, not Phantom Forces, and bringing it to the game will cause a decrease in revenue when little children break their AK12 from shooting off too many rounds.

Also, think. DICE never adds gun durability for balance. They just decrease and increase damage and ammo capacity


Ah, I see.
Well, Lito’s crunchyroll and hentai subscriptions should sustain themselves for a while.

As for weapon durability as a balance mechanic, I never intended for this suggestion to be used in that way. I was thinking along the lines of having variety in the arsenal of weapons in PF (ie switching to a different weapon while waiting for guns to be repaired)

There are better options out there, but this suggestion was off the top of my head at the time. It’s also been a while since I’ve made a decent post with formatting, so I decided to post it here.


But why a gun doent just break after


Aren’t guns supposed to last longer than 20000 bullets?


PF is an FPS game. Durability really has no place in it.


ak47 would be practically invincible. You can drop it off a cliff, kick it into a volcano, blend it, bomb it, leave it in the snow, stab it a few times, and then hit it with another ak47 and you’d only take a fourth of its durability.


This will make PF feel like a survival game more than anything imo