Gun Accuracy Decrease

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So recently, I’ve been seeing durability requests, and a forum was made for “Gun Durability”. I think it is a start of something but isn’t a solution to anything, so heres my idea for a Gun Accuracy Decrease.

How It Works:
Basically the way it works is like this

accuracy = accuracy / (1 + (shots fired in a row/10))

And the way shots fired in a row works is something like this,

Every automatic shot besides the first adds to shots fired in a row

Every burst shot that isn’t the first adds to shots fired in a row

Every semi shot doesn’t count to this accuracy debuff.

How this would impact the game
I feel like this would make PF have a higher skill ceiling for faster shooting/spammable guns, nerfing spam, and increasing skill when tapped/bursted.

What’s your opinion on this?

  • Yes I would Love this
  • I kinda like it
  • Horrible horrible idea

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Forgot to mention how it goes down, everytime you release Mouse One every few frames it will decrease shots in a row, or every time you interact.


52% sure this is already a feature where the coefficient of the recoil is increased for every shot fired in full auto/burst.

idk thou


Perhaps, but this would be for accuracy and would be a bit more drastic than recoil, mostly to prevent spamming a SMG at a sniper across the map and getting a kill.


“increases skill ceiling”

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I’d like to see a gun recoil increase in LMG’s as their mags deplete.
You have less weight keeping the guns recoil down when your mag/drum/box chews through nearly all of its ammo.
While this Idea would literally become obsolete by reloading, considering that reloads on Most lmg’s is pretty damn long (exlcuding all AK LMG’s), this would also keep those with LMG’s out of the fight longer.


Ammo weight usually doesn’t make all that much of a difference as what is believed.


I mean that’s why their is this thing called recoil :confused::sweat::unamused:


define ‘recoil’ in pf.


Sorry can’t chat rn watching refoos live stream rn


Something similar happened a while ago, but based on firerate


Really? Didn’t know that. Is it still a thing?


Doesn’t seem like it when you play the main version of the game.


Yeah, except semi-autos