Guilty Pleasures Thread


Fun fact R Lee Emery is related to me. He’s my uncle, but not by blood. He’s the guy who played the sergeant, if you didn’t know.


Nice. Now get on your faces





Lol what am I doing


Idk lol


Me either


Hmmm… i have more.

  • Skyward Sword is fun as shit to play for me

  • Twilight Princess speedruns are super fun, especially with how much you can break the game

  • I like to play Zombie Estate, despite it being one of the worst maps on Black Ops 3’s workshop.


I eat like 2 whole tomatoes everyday, it’s delicious. Not like cut up or anything, just straight up big ass tomatoes.

I have no idea if this is a guilty pleasure, but yeah.


I eat a lot of wierd things.

Onions, straight up whole onions on their own, apple cider vinegar I will just have a ful glass of. dicks, and a lot of other wierd things.


Same here. I like to mix a lot of weird shit together.

I once tried ketchup with rice, and I actually liked it. Right now, I’m questioning my life as I write this.


I make a pretty killer eggdrop soup but I always, ALWAYS add cheese to it. Of some variance. The way it changes the broth and interacts with the powdered ginger is great for me.


I’ve never tried eggdrop soup, but it sounds C4 af


It fuckin is. I’ll just throw the recipe out here too just because.

  • Chicken broth, in increments of 16 oz per serving. I usually have 2 servings.
  • 1 egg per 16 oz
  • Soy Sauce
  • Ground Ginger
  • Grated cheese. I usually use cheddar, but swiss and Colby Jack works too.
  • If no cheese, I use Lemon Pepper and diced Chives (green onions)

Here are the basic instructions

  • Basically, combine the chicken broth, soy sauce, cheese, and ground ginger into a pot, and heat until boiling. Stir regularly.
  • Beat eggs in bowl
  • Once boiled, add eggs and keep stirring. Once the eggs have solidified (should take like 10 secs), add any other ingredients. This would be the point where you add the chives or lemon pepper, or any seasonings of your choice.

And that’s it. It can be whipped up in under 3 minutes.


I read this thread


this sounds like something I would eat…

I should try this one day. can I replace ginger powder with an actual thumb of ginger? I have plenty of that southeast asian cooking calls for lots of ginger


Mmmm probably not for the thumb. Maybe if you let it soak with the chicken broth beforehand, but don’t add it to the actual soup imo.


I shall ignore this and be a real man :stuck_out_tongue:


Arite. Should I upload a video I just recorded of me cooking eggdrop soup?


sure and I’ll tweet it to Gordon Ramsay


I like to troll online daters in robloxian highschool by spamming succ at their faces.
Also make offensive and sometimes disgusting character models.

I love to watch them squirm and run like autistic cashews