Guilty Pleasures Thread


Name your guilty pleasures. It can be books, movies, games, foods, activities, etc. Hopefully this thread will be relatively good.

  • I still play Hexxit to this day, it’s fun as fuck to me
  • Roommates. Don’t immediately shoot me down here, okay? Okay. It’s basically a webnovel series by TGWeaver and Pokemaniacal. It’s also a FNAF au, with not much relation to fnaf at all. It’s also written VERY well. The slice of life is great for me. I can get a link if you want.
  • I play Black Ops 3 way too much, and I still find it super duper fun.
  • I enjoy COD BO2 for the WiiU.

  • I actually like Call of Duty Ghosts.
  • I play ROBLOX all too much.

That’s all I can think of.

  • I still play Mario games.
  • I play Terraria.

  • I read thriller books
  • I like to hate on myself
  • sleeeeeeeeepppp
  • drawing is fun
  • eat all I want bcus I’m a skinny boy and I never get fat


I play osu.

  • I literally use :b: in every :b:entence like in a dee:b:fried meme

  • (Late season) uncle grand:b:a, Its nonsensicality took a sideline and the characters became way more pleasant than early :b:easons

I play ETS 2.


1)I keep refreshing the forum (stylis studios is also counted) to find new posts

  1. I’m a huge fan of the FNAF series,probably UCN since its the only challenging fnaf series out there,if you were my parents
    You would see me slaving away to 50/20 mode, burning my eyes on the PC during weekends

3)I like reading novels, especially those with horror/murder genres

  1. I gamble
    Not gambling irl, but in discord


  1. more coming SOON TM

  2. @Hellcat_V Yes plz, send the link


I once watched paradox


I play Pokémon unironically. It’s a good series. I also fantasize about it with a lot more guns, some swearing, bad guys who’d kill your 2-month old kitten, and the protagonist himself struggling with abusive parents, a friend who committed suicide, and hallucinations. Also he carries a M1911 ‘cuz @ILIEKTRAINZ and a Dragonite by his side. Also has elements of Star Lord because I fucking love Guardians of the Galaxy.

I sometimes watch Pixar movies. The Incredibles is my favorite, with Coco coming at a close second.

I sometimes wish adult animation was taken more seriously. Both by the creators and the audience. Especially the former.

I like anime. I grew up on Speed Racer (and a few other cartoons).

Phantom Forces is where I spend a lot of time. It’s a good game, better than most recent CoD’s, but the devs sometimes mishandle certain things.

I haven’t been keeping track of pop music in years, but I happily listen to Sabaton.

I shun putting on more than is necessary on a rifle, especially an AK.

I like some AK-12 variants. DBV-12 happens to be my favorite; I hope you know why.

I almost never use anything the meta uses. And if I do, I usually find some unconventional way to spice up gameplay.

Finding weird guns and suggesting them.

M U Z Z L E L O A D E R S .

Cowboy shit.

Some of those pleasures are guilty, some not, but that’s all I can think of.


Why did you reply to me?




I don’t facking know




I eat croissants.


i play island royale


I enjoyed the Netflix Godzilla films.


I watched Full Metal Jacket 3 times today


I relate to Leonard. Send help lol.


private snowball you’re fired