Grenade skins?


Random thought, but wouldn’t it be nice to have your grenade look like a baseball so you can finally attempt to hit a grenade with the baseball bat?


Honestly it sounds strange because, you don’t hold onto Grenades for long and neither can you use them for more than one use. So applying skins to Grenades feels like a waste and idk, just add lag that really shouldn’t be needed?


Better solution. Add new grenade types.


think about a blue glowing nade

thatcher comfirmed



Why would we need skins for grenades when they will just blow up? Seriously I don’t see the point of this is this a shitpost?


Smoke grenades that emote smoke that has a transparency filter on the smoke, which has the grenade skin on it.
(i.e. Gold grenade smoke)


I can see different colored smoke but not grenade skins.


y not. No Fauna grenade smoke? No Meme case smoke?


meme case is a joke

because stylis is one



You called Stylis a joke I’m greatly offended.




no u
-bannes u


Yeah, just give it a hard whack, and it’ll fly about a whopping 2 feet before it blows you and your bat up.

VERY smart idea…


ikr you cant even see anything except a dot that is covering a grenade XD



You literally only ever see the skin when you throw it and in your inventory. That’s quite literally 1 second of satisfaction. In my eyes, not worth it.


yup that is a DUMB idea


Its so pointless and dumb I kinda like it, as long as the skin counts for all grenades and not just specific grenades so the cases Don’t get bloated with dumb shit.


Wot about a trail behind the nade as it fly’s though the air


yeah gay rainbow trail