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Attention StyLiS Studios Forum Members
Darkman_Bree needs your help to secure his FN FAL from the evil AN-94 demon!
Please provide all your credits and FN FAL to Darkman_Bree as soon as possible !!!

  • Camarokidbb and his AN-94
  • Darkmanbree and his beloved FN-FAL

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Who do y’all want to win?

@Darkman_Bree @CamaroKidBB you two can’t vote on this one let the community decide.


I’m not sure I want to explain that.





I like the looks of it.

I’ll come back tommorow…
And I want to see my FN FAL winning!

I have a (kind of) reward if it wins!




On a scale of 1-10

How salty are you that you got beat bad by an AN-94 this early morning?

Or yesterday idk


It was early in the morning on my laptop on my Rank 61 alt.

I was mostly playing with new content.


Eh, true.

That’s what the test place is for anyways

Not that much funner if you have AN-94 pro on your bum for most of it.


Atleast I got to kill you once with the Osprey PM II ZIP 22.