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That my friend is a question of a lifetime.


Baby don’t hurt me


Don’t hurt me


No more


By this shield I shall remain unliked no matter what!

The following people have somehow bypassed my shield:

  • FreeenchFries (I thought he was the pizza delivery)
  • Skillzz (Some kind of skill)
  • takeusername (Hax)
  • T_wisted (Some sort of twisted trick)
  • soldierboy19881 (I bet he called Toothless for help)
  • sutton9000 (Magic)
  • CamaroKidBB (Armor Piercing AN-94, Gosh damnit)


This is the forum equivalent of that one top comment that says “don’t like this comment,” except it’s the entire thread.



Your demoted to a derp


demoted to an animal that was run over


your demoted to existence


demoted to particles


demoted to mario


u talk too much


Your now demoted to the lowest thing ever a fricking normie


I’m not liking your post infact I’m flagging it


Yes keep it up your not getting liked


Shut up I know what I’m doing


What is heart symbols?


Idk some weird ass symbol humanity has deemed as the symbol of love and virtue.

:heart: :black_heart: :blue_heart:


What is “ass”?