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Bitch lasagna V2


Look at T-Series, they’re cryin’ for their mama


Dont like my reply


i like your reply


I’m a rebel.
What are you gonna do about it? Remove my FAL?



plz dont, it took a year of asking for them to finally add that gun


I would cry if they do.


same lol, actually havnt gotten up to the rank of the gun yet. i haven’t really played for a while. im only rank 61 i think.


If u like this u r the ugliest person on earth


if you like this i’ll get a gf in a year


don’t like it


Sorry man, it’s the rule of the thread


heck you


meme_s has been banned due to breaking the rules of the post like if u agree


Like if the FAL and it’s variants are the best thing in PF and nothing can beat them!



You made our forum community.
So we shall like you no matter what.




The like to reply ratio in this topic is far higher than my KDR can even comprehend.

For only 39 total posts, I’m quite impressed.


Like this post for sexy grilfreind and 1 gabazillion v bukcs

Not Like this post and Donlad Trmup give you big kisss and yuo become gay