Gamebreaking bug 3.15.1


Describe what the bug is:
I’m not really sure how exactly to describe it but when I load into the game, only the skinned parts of my gun show up in the main menu (where you see your character holding the gun) then when I spawn all of the players are naked which makes it hard to differentiate between the other players and the various snowmen scattered about the map. No sound comes from my gun, on top of that I can only see the attachments on my gun, not the actual gun.
Describe how you can reproduce the bug: (When does it appear, what steps do you need to follow for it to show?)
The steps you need to follow for it to show up is literally just load into the game.

Any other information that would be useful? Images?
I’ve tried restarting my computer, signing out and signing back into roblox. Really everything.


FPS is bad


I believe this occurs because you’re loading the game too fast, which causes the majority of the things to be unloaded, which then need more time to load.


Naked phantoms and ghosts?

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I don’t know if this would make any sense but you say that it could be because the game is loading too fast and I just got my internet upgraded. Could that have anything to do with it?


Here are the screenshots. Hopefully you can actually view them.


It would only let me post one at a time. Here’s the other:




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Unloaded assets!

You just wait for it to load in.


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