[Game] True or False


Person below is less than 5 months old


be quite u hacker only losers use the bfg >:(
the person below is ninja.


fortnite is a no-no

person below got false banned on reaublocks before

@sirusdog true, i am editing my most recent post instead

Person below sirus will reply


not really false. uploaded a pure boob from a hentai, got a 3 day ban

person below has met builderman


Of course yes. He is my dad
Person below will not reply


True cause I am bamboozled
Person below will commit gun mouth


Person below has a YouTube channel


False, used to but I quit.
Person below has been banned before


True, I’ve been banned from a couple discord servers before
Person below has the Steyr Scout.


False mosins my best sniper so far
Person below is rank >100


Correct, 109
Person below likes the new #3 BBQ Double Cheeseburger from Wendy’s


false. Wendy’s in Singapore closed down a while ago. I’m issue their baked potato ;-;

person below drinks Starbucks


no, am not a white girl
person below has cooked mushrooms before they even prepared the omlette so now the mushrooms are cold but still taste somewhat good



Person below once fixed his broken mouse with tape and used it like that for years



Person below will close this thread


True and will reopen




Person below likes cheese


person below will just close it for good and wont re open