[Game] True or False


false, I use telekinesis

person below wants poodros’ hoozer mix recipe


True. I want inside IDOEAT’s facehole head.

Person below wants to ride a bicycle.


false. I own one and rarely use it anymore

person below wants a motorbike


False, I’d prefer a Moped.

Person below has never posted on this thread more than once.



person below has been on this site since 2017 or earlier


true. been here since 2016. I’ve seen everything the web has seen

person below is a smurf


yeah, I have a red beanie and if I wear it like a retard I look like a smurf
person below needs to sneeze badly but the sneeze won’t come


Tru… Achoo! False
Person below thinks the sentence I just wrote is made up.



Person below is having breakfast now


false. its 5:16 PM here.

person below likes pork



Person below is vegan


Person below is vegetarian


false but i love mushrooms
person below is T H I C C



Person below has made an r/gocommitdie post


Why does my Pepe bleed?
True. Person below has downloaded a supercell game


False, i only have a fliphone.
Person below will actually end the thread.


Person below has secretly broken a rule less than 24 hours ago


true i said the word with the N
The person below draws vore.


Person below is inn mobile


Person below thinks this is why article 13 is made: IMG_20190209_182502