[Game] True or False


Person below can name the game I’m referring to when I say, “the only problem you’ll have after the tribe attacks is where you’ll put a stockpile zone.”


False. the hecc is that

Person below likes swords


Pulling answer from 2012 me: True
(by the way it was RimWorld I was referring to)
Person below has fallen on their face before.


Tru, i once fell on a pavement with my forehead

Person below mega weeb


fuck no

person below is bored of phantom forces atm


True, I’m playing Minecraft more often now

Person below burnt their eggs


false. it’s salted

person below is a baboon


no u
person below has a husbando


Tru, Henry 45/70-kun

Person below also has gun husbando


person below pulled an all-nighter on a school day


I do it all the time.

Person below is at school right now.


Unfortunately, the law requires that I may go to school to get subtle propaganda and generally useless information shoved down my ears.

Person below needs a new headset



Person below has at least one broken key in their keyboard


i wouldnt say broken, but i spilled peach juice on my laptop, now my mousepad, n,m,h,k,l,j anf space bar are stuck. anybody know how to get them unstuck by peach juice?

persom below has gaystation


False. I has Xbox

Person below likes NightCore


false its gay
person below watches jojo siwa for the content


Fuck no. Im not one to pollute my suggested page with that rubbish.
Person below loves lego



Person below started a new minecraft base today


false. I don’t have meinkraft

person below is lethargic



Person reading has eyes