[Game] True or False



Person below enjoys something in life


True, anime is best

Person below is a weeb



Person below has a waifu


Tru, i love the henry 45-70

Person below has a waifu too


…yeah so what
person below watches the dark side of anime HENTAI



Person below has a family member who fought in WW1


false, my cousins grandpa did tho
person below has watched at least one of the PARADOX members(Godstatus/Poke/Silent/etc.)


yeah i’ve watched godstatus before, and enjoyed it.

before i was a member of the PF community, i watched poke, but then he revealed his true nature, then i hated him

person below plays forza horizon 4/3


False. NFS Payback

Person below likes M16s


Great engineering, yes.

Person below can’t think of a good statement to leave for the person below



person below thanos person below


The person below knows what I mean when I say, “the only problem you’ll have after a tribe raids you is your storage solution.”


Person below likes panda eyes


Wut is panda eyes

Person below aims to get post 1337


yes I will

person below is dumb



person below is post 1337


true, this is epic

person below lost post 1337


false, imma delete my earlier post to get 1337 anyways

very loud demonic laughing

Jk i already have 1337 on the meme thread

Person below cannot come up with a person below argument






person below is shouting oof out loud atm