[Game] True or False


what matrix?
what’s a matrix? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<----------------------------- you should realize this is sarcasm
Let’s go with true.
Person below thinks MG36>G36


False. something called MG3

person below wants summer to start already


True, my school is boring as shit.
Person below hates homework


True, it is a pointless waste of time that teachers use to bully their pupils if they have used their right to speak
Person below agrees with this



Person below is struggling with school


im a day behind on my homeschooling assignments because my mom took me on a trip that I didnt really want to go on so i missed out on my assignments
person below likes dried cranberries


nah im a raisin dweeb
person below never actually did/does their homework or studies


true, who would?!

person below has bought an overrated gun because they think its good and their rank is too low to have that gun (Honey Badger, Scar L, BFG 50, etc., etc.)


eh, i bought the sfg at rank 62, and i have loved it ever since.

i bought the HB at rank 61 just to see what all the fuss was about. and god do i regret that

bought the AKM a rank early on accident (i missed the click to the m231), only 100 kills with it

bought the Mac 10 a few ranks early and deemed it unusable… until i found alt aim.

bought the m231 recently, and i’m loving it

bought the dragnauv svds at rank 85 since i have a semiauto fetish, still wacking with it

person below loves WW2 themed loadouts


extra true. stock Mosin and M1911 combo ftw

person below thanos car


thanos car

person below thanos egg


false I’m thanos
Person below is my son



person below shaggy


Your pushing your luck scoob,

Person below likes taco trucks


cut the truck part and you’re right

person below likes cereal


person below enjoys flexing on low ranks because they have better weapons



Person below wants me to do another banned game thread


person below will destroy this thread by not doing the game


Person below got 500 kills on the PTRS41 in COR5


True; got more than, actually.

Person below was tired of all the Lee-Enfield spam in CoR 5.