[Game] True or False


False. Honestly, running around and calling yourself an “Intellectual” isn’t very smart. Your ego is just too big at that point.

Person below deep down likes to be an asshole sometimes


[Message Revoked]

Person below is below


The person below has the average RGB values of 161, 153, 96 in their profile picture. (this color)


False. hehe

person below wants to be in an anime


Person below has those 4 digits (you know where it’s blah#numbers) in their discord that are a multiple of 3.14 rounded to the nearest whole. I’m not asking for the numbers, I’m asking if it’s a multiple of 3.14 rounded to the nearest whole.


I have no idea
Person below is running out of ideas



Person below has an idea for another megathread


False, I barely understand what a megathread is.
Person below likes Asia’s mascot


True: this one?

Person below is hella gai


false. I’m straight

person below has managed to borrow 30% of Shaggy’s power to destroy half of the universe, including thanos



Person below does are have stupid


False, I not has stupid, big IQ is are mine brain

Person below watches RTGame.


I watched it once or twice

Person below loves fal



Person below burns AN-94 and/or G3’s often.


false you FAL fat bastard, I praise the G3

person below shall bow down to the G3 Bundeswehr


False, the bfg shall always reign supreme

Person below has commited bfg


False, MG36 outguns it by a mile.
Person below has liked this post


person below has a number in their username


Person below will not reply.


false. I don’t follow rules, cus I am the rule

wait a sec. that means I’m supposed to break the rule, which means breaking myself…

ah scheiß

Person below found a glitch in the matrix