[Game] True or False


bruh why are you posting nsfw links



yo u need to chill out


person below is mature


Read the community guidlines please. Once you have read them please tell me whether or not your post violated the guidelines. I would encourage you to stay away from nsfw material. Thank You.


person I’m replying to should be banned no hesitation

person below shall continue the chain


True. The show must go on.

Person likes pop moosic




also no i do not

person below posted nsfw content at least once in this forum


False. That’s heccing stoopid

person below stayed up till 6 AM in the morning before.



person below wants a new gun

SVT 40


True, but it’s anything M14-related. M14 > FAL
Above is also true, to an extent, if that counts…


Person below has a bias towards American-made guns.



Person below has a fursona


[Message revoked]

Person below posts heccing porn



All people below participate in no fortnite february



Person below has made a meme on GIMP.



person below can come up with a more creative post than this


Person below has gotten the ballistics tracker on the r870 without buying it with credits.


True. Why would I buy it

Person below has BT on all of the sniper


The person below has a rank that’s a multiple of 31.4 rounded to the nearest whole number (31, 62, etc.)


nope, I’m rank 140 and the closest multiple is 124 or 155

person below is a smartass