[Game] True or False


False I do not exist and am just a figment of your imagination.

Person below has about €15k in a bank account


False, the fuck do I look like? A spoiled white kid?

Person below wants to try a full auto M60 irl


True. Any guns is great

Person below likes dark chocolate


Ew, false.
Person below hates BTS


person below has/had fidget spinners


True, helps me concentrate.
Person below used to watch beyblades.


I did when i was little and i loved it somehow im 14 now


person below has tried to plug in a charger with their finger touching the metal as it goes in


false. i never actually thought of that until now

person below has airpods on


False. I’m not one of them, “iT sMeLls bROkE iN heRe”

Person below has wired airpods


False I’m not spoiled
Person below owns an iPod



Person below would lick the positive contact of a battery as a kid


False. I only did a couple of thousand times.
Person below hates Ariana’s Grande’s guts.


False. she’s ok

person below is a gen z


True. Libertarian and proud.

Person below thinks M14 is better than FAL.


Hell yeah, America all the way!!

Person below can be a fatty sometimes

eating unnecessary amounts of food


true, and then i puke it out sometimes

person below lives in Vancouver, Canada


false. Texas

person below is excited for Christmas lul


false, what is christmas

person below is a fellow komrade with a drunk babushka drinking vodka



I ma nut drnkin vddka…

Prssn beelo is rud